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Thread: General/Hero Items - Requests/Suggestions

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    Default General/Hero Items - Requests/Suggestions

    The developers have been slowly introducing general items into the game. Please have patience while they work on releasing items or having existing items count towards your favorite general.

    In the spirit of keeping the suggestion forum from becoming a "I want X general to have set items" please post all your set ideas/requests here.
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    please merge the other similar threads as well
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    THANK YOU... i was getting MAJORLY frustrated...

    My start... i may go check each and every boss and matching items like i did when i originally posted this on the "Illusia" forum topic... and be more concise towards the end... (The alchemy Generals unless someone else wishes to be specific labeling EVERY fitting item, so people realize and can accurately see where all choices exist...

    Lucius + daedalus, argentum plate, argentum helm (All are in his picture... and same backgrounds)

    Illusia + Illusia's Bauble, Illusia's Wand, Phantasm... (All of them have her name or is in her pic... )

    Lothar + Guilded Bow, Whisper Cloak, Fear Charm (All have same background and are in his pic)

    Serra Silverlight + Angelic Crown, angel fire, Elven armor - (They're all in the pic and they all have same background... )

    Artanis + Shield of Artanis -It's in his pic

    Vulcan + Lightbringer - It's in his pic

    Crom + Rune Axe - It's in his pic

    Percival + Justice - It fits his pic

    Chimerus + Demonic Blade - It fits his pic and seems to appear on the right side barely getting too cut off to tell for sure, but looks like it is there...

    Sun Blade OBVIOUSLY goes to someone... (people on wiki's assume Artanis for some reason)

    Helena + Helena's momento, Helena's Inferno - They even have her name

    Marina + Maelstrom

    Moonfall Trinket? must go to SOMEONE...

    Sunblade? must go to SOMEONE... (people assume Artanis)

    Crystal Rod? must go to SOMEONE...

    Lightning Bolt? must go to SOMEONE...

    Demonic circle? seems close to Demonic Blade and both are about demon with green background... to Chimerus then?

    What about the Epics'...

    Just realized now, don't look now... but i just realized
    Orc King fits with Boar Tusk Helm, Fury Maul Axe, and Bearskin Armor... and not to mention... what about the ingame loot? Gildamesh's War Axe, Gildamesh's War Plate, Gildamesh's War Helm, Gildamesh's Gauntlet, and Gildamesh's War Charm? All fit him...

    Collosus, The Stone Giant "Terra" - Colossal Armor, Colossal Axe, Colossal Sword, what else fits?

    Sylvanas - Elven Crown, Elven Staff, Evergreen Cloak, Enchanted Lantern, faerie Wings??

    Mephistopheles? he drops Hellkite Sword, Hellkite Armor, Hellkite Shield, Hellkite Gauntlets... and what about Excalibur? it even has the Hellkite Flames behind it... and the spell...

    Skaar got his...

    What about the demigods? Malekus, Ambrosia, Aurora, Azeron, and Corvintheus all GIVE you straight FROM them some items some which fit the picture perfectly (i.e. Cowl of the Avenger)

    And the Alchemy generals? what about

    Leon Ironheart, everything used to alchemize him...

    Angelica... same things?

    Cartigan? he has 3 exactly - Sword of the Faithless, Soul Eater, Crystal of Lament

    Keira? she has a good selection

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    Old suggestion but worth repeating: put in some items available through battle hearts for Chase. This would give us pvpers/players who got Chase a reason to participate in raids again. Preferably after they give us achievements for raids.

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    a slightly stupid request + question.
    Angelica, the limited general, would have to get set items as well correct!?
    (personally i dont want algelica to have set items just because it would bring about alot of whine from people who missed the event. but if thats the case, i really would like it to be cleared up whether Devs are planning to to give limited generals set item in the future.)

    now how would that work?
    being a limited general, she SHOULD have something special compared to others, somthing like strange ability to the game, or multiple abilities combined from set item.... her stats are already VERY low being a alchemy general..... maybe just a big boost from her set items?
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    Default Dwarven General

    There should be a dwarven general. There are human, elven, demonic, and vampiric generals. We know that there are dwarves in the castle age world. I'm just looking for a little racial quality.

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    I would like to discuss the Alpha epics, seeing as I have 2 of them. I'll start with who I have first. I think the main issue with these 4 is that they are easily solo-ed bosses by even below level 100 casual players. But anyway...

    According to the game text, she escaped and may return in the future. Maybe we'll get her item bonus then, but again maybe not. For now her boss fight has 5 items, the 'most difficult' to get (according to the rants of some people) is the Enchanted Lantern. I say let's put it there since it's also a summoner 'only' drop, makes it look kinda special in the loot table. Faerie Wings should be out since they also drop from a certain serpent. I believe she should have the Lightning Storm since that is her spell. Granted, the issue is that it's a 100% drop now but I still say go with it. That leaves 3 items left: Elven Crown, Evergreen Cloak and Elven Staff. Of those, Elven Staff is an epic drop while the other 2 are rares. So we have our set.
    My suggestion: Lightning Storm, Enchanted Lantern, Elven Staff

    The game text suggests that Meph is the main villain of CA (unless there is one not revealed for now). I believe we will fight him again in the future so we should reserve some slots for his item bonuses. 1 will do for now, seeing as other generals also have only 1 currently set for theirs. From the boss fight, the Hellkite gear set doesn't seem to 'fit' his image except for Hellkite Flames. The magic is also a summoner only drop.
    My suggestion: Hellkite Flames

    The Orc King is supposedly dead according to the quest text (Land of Mist, Quest 4, Subquest 2: Kill Gildamesh). There is a question mark about the orcs in general with the Dark Legion fight text. Maybe there will be another stage where his item bonuses can be obtained? For now, his boss fight is very easy that it's hard to put any difficulty in getting all of his gear. His charm and gauntlets are summoner 'only' in the table so let's put those there. The last spot can be a toss-up, I chose the helm since it has the highest stat of the remaining 3. Orc King users don't seem to mind/care about him having item bonuses though. :P
    My suggestion: Gildamesh's Charm, Gildamesh's Gauntlets, Gildamesh's Helm

    Stone Guardian:
    He's called the least epic of the epic generals. We won't see this guy again based on the game text, unless he appears to 'help out' in a future fight like in the story, monster is too strong and SG appears to help the group and builds a super strong siege weapon (his ability is related siege engineering) to weaken/take it down. He only has 3 items related so there's no debate.
    Related items: Collosal Sword, Collosal Axes, Collosal Armor

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    azeron's Armor of Vengeance: 1% chans when bateling (or doing quests) to regenerate 1 stamina

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    I would love to see this being implemented, especially items from FP chests, so at least we wouldn't feel so frustrated getting common item if it can boost one of generals

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    First of all, i suggest if possible that the pic of the general changes if he or she have his or her items.
    Also suggest that the bonus is mentioned on the item description. Actually the description is not shown for spells such as Wrath of Vanquish

    Shield of Artanis
    Sun Blade
    Champion Aura

    Lightning Storm
    Enchanted Lantern
    Elven Staff

    Serra Silverlight
    Angelic Crown

    Elven Mail
    Elven Crown

    I notice that her fit the description of the lord of the Castle of the Damned (check Corvinteus`s demiquests)
    So i give her some items related to that quests
    *new* Unholy infestation (a spell who summons armies of zombies)

    Weapon - Demonic Blade
    Spell - Demonic Circle
    Some more ideas can be got via Ambrosia`s demiquests
    Chimerus`s Shield or off hand weapon - Vanguard of Destruction
    I suggest a boss battle with Chimerus added via additional demipower rewards
    Yeah i notice Chimerus current state after the demiquests stories, but that does not mean that a boss battle cannot be made.
    Consider that a prequel, the same manner as
    Clone Wars is before Darth Vader`s triology on Star Wars.

    Spell - *new* Ilussion (i think that explains why she have that ability)
    Flower - yeah that peace offering (i think that explains why she have that ability)
    Faerie Wings

    Lotus Ravenmoore
    Spell - *new* Blink (i think that explains why she moves so fast)
    Amulet - Skull key (that old alchemy item) or

    Spell - *new* Medius`s Sigil (that is, the spell he, the elven sage, uses to send Bahamut back to the underworld)
    Amulet - Ring of Bahamut (that also fits him)

    I notice she fits description of the Lord of the Castle of the Damned (see Corvinteus`s demiquests)
    Unholy infestation (new) - spell that summon an army of zombies
    I suggest a boss battle with Callista added via additional demipower rewards for Corvinteus
    (as a prequel similar to that Chimerus battle i suggest earlier)

    She depicts a lance. I guess Icycle lance would be nice for her.

    Weapon - Atleantan Sword
    Amulet - Atleantan Map (she is a pirate after all)

    Weapon - Celesta`s High Priestess Staff *new*
    Spell - Heal *new*
    Amulet - Jewel of Fire or Fire Artifact

    Armor - High King Crown
    Spell - Royal Seal
    Weapon - Excalibur (is about the reference to King Arthur, so i think Darius can have it)

    Weapon - Lightbringer
    Off hand - Shield of the Stars *new*
    It is mentioned on Corvinteus`s Demiquests: is forged by a misterious blacksmith (only Vulcan fits that description) with star metal, so a nice alchemy recipe. On the other hand the shield can belong to Furrest Hellblade (mentioned also con Corvinteus`s Demiquests)

    Only Hellkite flames seems to fit him
    I suggest that a new option of boss battle added for some generals for higher levels, so we can fight a beefed up Old Meph

    Weapon - Rune Axe
    Spell - Gladiator`s Strenght (the spell even have his pic)
    Armor - none, he`s nude... just a joke, i cannot resist. Warrior`s Insignia is nice for me.

    Spell - Counterspell *new*
    Note that this spell is already mentioned on Ambrosia`s demiquests, so it belongs to her.

    Spell - Holy Fire *new*
    Note that this spell is already mentioned on Aurora`s demiquests, so it belongs to her.

    As mentioned earlier by Barnie, the current boss battle is real easy to award Orc King items
    I suggest that a new option of boss battle added for some generals for higher levels, so we can fight a beefed up Gildamesh
    An Orc King that actually uses his power attack ability.
    After win that new boss battle the player can add those items to Gildamesh as a general.

    I suggest that a new option of boss battle added for some generals for higher levels, so we can fight a beefed up Slyvannas
    After win that new boss battle the player can add those items to Slyvannas as a general.

    New generals suggested
    Dwarf king
    Items: Pīnt of Ale (yeah, that peace offering)
    Ability: Add bonuses for number of Dwarven Battlemasters owned

    *Elekin the Dragon Slayer (already mentioned on Malekus`s demiquests)
    Items: Dragonslayer, Helm of Dragon Power, Serpentine Shield
    Ability: Add attack bonuses against any dragon related monsters or generals (Bahamut, Dragons, Sea Serpents, Cronus, Draconius)

    *King Corelan of the Elves (already mentioned on Ambrosia`s demiquests)
    *Bloodwing, the king of dragons (already mentioned on Malekus`s demiquests)
    *Furest Hellblade. the Vampire Hunter (already mentioned on Corvinteus`s demiquests)
    Items: Shield of the Stars
    *Lich Lord Ne'zeal (already mentioned on Corvinteus`s demiquests)
    Items: Unholy infestation (spell)
    *Darien Woesteel, the death knight (already mentioned on Azeron`s demiquests)
    Items: Jeweled Heart (amulet) , Black Lion Shield (off hand)
    *Bahamut as a general
    That is, made Bahamut a general and those troops black dragons. The first alchemy gives Bahamut as a general the next give black dragons as troops.
    Items: Lava Breath or Wall of Fire (spell),
    *The Shadow Cat
    He/she seems real strong, Why a dwarven battlemaster miner cannot get him or her with the help of an army of dragons, hydras, archangels and epic generals? (notice that is a joke. Actually the shadow cat and the goblin thief are nice as dwarven mine drops, as any high level related items)
    *The Oracle herself as a general
    Check this thread
    (i suggest blocking the thread also)
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    Suggested Monsters actually already mentioned on the game - Spying guide

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