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Thread: energy replenishing resources

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    Default energy replenishing resources

    one of the biggest problems i see with everyone is energy and stamina

    i pose another idea

    drastically scaling energy resources such as servants or patsies, if not then inns or caravans or transports like horses that increase your choice energy or stamina +1 every X ammount of time

    horses max 5 +1 <choice> every 5 min
    caravan max 3 +2 <choice> every 5 min
    servant max 3 +2 < choice> every 5 min
    kings luxury bedroom / requires castle / max 1 <+5 every 5 min

    obviously the names of said items can be what ever you please but it could be a way for people to use up there insane revenues for if the first 1-2 is cheap and the scale up is dramatic from then on including the final one which would have to have like 1mill upkeep being as its +5

    if you do not like the idea of choice stam or energy then just set it to energy cause that is the major deficincy in this game

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    I don't see why their cant be a class system that people can choose how they wish to play

    Warriors get a 2m reduction in stam regen
    Lords get a 1m reduction in stam and energy regen
    Adventurer gets a 2m reduction of energy regen

    And I also don't see why Celesta can't do something like convert 5 energy into stamina or vise versa.

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