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    Make the defense stat increase the amount you fortify for, so that defense builds can be of more use.

    And make the fortify amount kill more orcs. This will allow people who arenīt attack/stamina build get a decent amount of kills in Dark legion.

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    defense already effects fortify. and just as with attacks you kill 1 orc per 1,000 dmg/heal. if im not mistaken there are threads that discuss how effective defense is in fortifying.

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    jegriffi Guest


    fortify does NOT seem to get any better with higher defense on the serpent battles... i've asked others who have 100+ defense.. and they fortify for the same I do.. (not 100 defense)

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    Fortifications are tiered. Just get into the next higher tier to do more fortification amounts. I fortify more than some people thanks to my defense being 2 or 3x their defense stats.

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    I agree, fortify does go up with higher defense.

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    Default difference in in serpent

    ok , i get the tier idea

    but is there such a big difference while encountering serpents

    i mean, on sapphire, fortifying for 14k, on ancient, doing only 6k

    i do 5k on sapphire, and also 5 k on ancient.

    Do the tier go up different on those serpents?

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    It suxs i know but you need massive amount of it to be able to actually do alot on the higher lv ones or DTC... anything below 200+ usually will not do more than someone thats only 1 def...

    Unless you are "built" for defense, you won't do more than that 1 def guy. Tho ppl claim the amount you heal for jumps massively soon as you get out of that zone.

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    I haven't fought a serpent in a bit so I don't know kind of defense I put up, but in DTC's I'm usually hitting 14-15k per fortify with a defense around 250.

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    My own Attack and Defense scores are kept near perfectly balanced, currently about 150 each. I find that when I Defend a Ship, I defend for a bit more points then what I get for a power attack. Perhaps a bit under 1000 point difference. Of course being able to do 2 power attacks for 1 defend causes my attack damage to gain faster.

    When dealing with the Dark Legion, my attack and fortify are almost perfectly matched per hit. With the only difference being the number of attacks being double the number of fortifications. Aside from the number of hits, only a critical hit shows any real difference. I have yet to see a critical hit on a fortification or defend.

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    I know I have been doing major fortification all along since serpents came out and my defense was well below 200 then, the more defense I've been adding the better it gets, currently def 240.

    It makes a big difference:

    0 seconds ago:
    King Hrothbeort defended against The Ancient Sea Serpent, fortifying for an UNGODLY amount of Health[18165]! Your defense allowed your friends to attack for 105 damage.

    34 minutes, 41 seconds ago:
    Jeff defended against The Ancient Sea Serpent, fortifying for an UNGODLY amount of Health[5600]! Your defense allowed your friends to attack for 112 damage.
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