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    Default Informational Threads - Try Here First

    In an effort to keep the forums clean and the number of stickies at a minimum we are listing the more helpful posts here instead of sticking them all. Only a few will remain stuck due to how often they are referred to.

    Admin Announcement - Why am I tripping?
    Quote Originally Posted by Myrddin View Post
    It's explained quite well by Lored Reaper here : . We have adding tracking and will try to do some optimization , but as he explains there is no "fixing" this it would require a reworking of the entire's game infrastructure.
    Wikia - Castle Age Wikia

    ===========================Forum Information===========================
    Moderator Notes
    Forum Rules by Superd
    Infraction System by the Moderator Staff
    ATMs - Please read before opening one by the Moderator Staff
    Chat Room feature (under construction)

    Best Way to Contact Support by Flarin - Support Website - Universal game site - Alternative Access Point to Launch Game

    Admin Notes
    Castle Age policy on what is and is not allowed ingame
    Castle Age Policy regarding 3rd Party applications (add-ons)
    Privacy Policy from Gaea
    Terms of Service from Gaea

    ===========================Game Information===========================
    General Guides
    Main FAQ by Artanis
    FAQ Addendum by Mursilis
    The 300 Rule by Lord Dufduf
    BSI, LSI, TSI, hunting, Farmers and Slayers - info thread by Cerbykins

    Specific Feature Information
    Festival Quest Guide List by _Anty_
    Land of Earth by Padaxan
    Trade Market/Runes, some information by Padaxan
    Guild Shop and Annihilator Chest Abilities by duoyiza
    Castle Age Feat Requirements by Moi
    Guilds Powers by Flarin
    Campaign Chaos Gems Results & spreadsheet by Dokkodo
    Proposed Elemental Combat Change V2 by Myrddin

    Thoughts on (General) Promotions by thexbob
    CA General Level 5 Upwards Upgrades by Ginger the Hutt
    Rune experience progression by Hfaistos
    ResLab: Trade Market Information by Alper
    Land of Earth/Hero Crystal drop rates
    SP Sources Spreadsheet by Elandal
    eATK and eDEF of equipments comparisons worksheet

    Monster Guides
    The Monster Damage Curve by thexbob
    Monster Atk/Def Breakpoints by thexbob
    Monster Damage / Loot Spreadsheet by Tim Nyota
    Divine Power Analysis by Barnie
    A Comprehensive Guide to Monster Hunting by Josh Rottschaefer

    How to build army - with images by RaGe
    How to successfully accept gifts and requests by Caitir Eavan
    Answers to Why you are Losing Battles/Duels by HouseNdaHouse
    Castle Age Chronology by Spellfire
    Past CA PvP Tournament Results by Thanos

    Introducing COPTER - The Castle Age Optimizer by larsonm
    FB CA Newsfeed Filter by King Hrothbeort

    If you run into another post you think should be added to the list please let a moderator know.
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