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Thread: Edea, Garlan,morrigan Questions and thoughts on other Generals

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    Default Edea, Garlan,morrigan Questions and thoughts on other Generals

    How effective is edea because if she can reduce damage by 4 at level 4.
    you can never be killed and you may also get a lot of exp if you have good stats, as anyone tried her?

    I have leveled garlan to level 3 and hes reduces only soldier's cost by 5%
    the question: is the incremental price also reduced by 5% or is it only the buying price.
    Am waiting for him to go to level 4 if anybody is already leveled him let me know.

    If anyones leveled her up to 4 how often do you get demi points with her as general?

    She is awesome the first one i leveled to 4 my 50 million income is now 52.5, 2.5 million gain every hour

    thats a whooping 60 million a day.

    Also please do post any interesting info on other generals that you think is awesome

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    You have received a bonus of 2 demi points from your equipped general.

    You are victorious in battle, taking 4 damage and dealing 11 damage to your enemy. You gained $115,000 and 1 experience points.
    You have been rewarded 3 demi point of Malekus! Your demi points for Malekus have increased to 627.

    not great but at least somewhat useful, too bad it only work pretty much 1 out of 40 try.

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    Lucius LEVEL 4

    Special Ability:
    While equipped, soldier costs are decreased by 8% when you purchase soldiers from town.

    Valor Knight
    Upkeep: -$5,000
    22 Attack
    18 Defense


    Valor Knight
    Upkeep: -$5,000
    22 Attack
    18 Defense


    Not too bad saving of 2 Mil per Knight and more once the price increases some more.

    Overall of saving couple hundred mil over the time to fill up the army

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