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  1. GOD's Generals Fun Friendly Active Guild. Republicans Only

    We win most of the time. With a few more good players it will only get better. We use facebook chat.
    web 4...
  2. Does Anyone Know How To Heal Them Self When They Are Stunned?

    I have played a few different guilds that had people heal themselves after the whole gate was totally stunned with no health at all. If you know how to do this please send me a direct message on how...
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    Have rolled 100's of times to get just one Tyrant...

    Have rolled 100's of times to get just one Tyrant general. Is the chest roll fixed so if you do a three chest roll you have a better chance?
    I am to the point, I just want to buy someone's profile...
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    Having Problem In Conquest Dueling

    After the I do one duel the page gets jacked up
  5. Fun Battle Active Guild

    Were a growing guild looking for fun friendly people that enjoy the battle side of the game. We like building for battle. It is always fun to grow stronger and stronger as we get stronger our enemys...
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    HI this has happen to a bunch of my accounts. Were my DEMI quest have been totally finished then they are reset and my DEMI points are gone.
    I just hope my DEMI points are not needed in the future...
  7. GOD's Generals Fun Battle Active Players Welcome

    GOD's Generals we like to build for battle. It's the most fun to beat guilds that you have never have beaten before. Come join us on the quest to be the best. Friend the guild master on facebook...
  8. GOD's Generals Recruiting: We Have A Few Spots And Need To Replace A Few Inactives

    We are a fun battle active guild. Looking for castle age players who love to build for battle. Must have over 2000 raw attack and 2000 raw def.
    Over 1000 battle points a month. ...
  9. Poll: Joan it would be nice to have more sentinel power.

    Joan it would be nice to have more sentinel power.
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    Side Scroll Bar

    I have notice a new update on Castle age that isn't so nice. The side scroll bar totally disappears. In battle were every faction of a sec counts this problem can really be unpleasant.
  11. It Would Be Nice To Make A General Named Urashima Tarō

    It be nice to see a general named after the japanese legend Urashima Tarō. His ability would be to buy promo packs that haven't come out yet. Then make another general. That can buy promo packs from...
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    WoW Super Castle Age Saf Fooo Crash!

    This is the worst snaf foo. I ever seen with castle age. Time will tell if they can even begin to fix and put everything back to the way it was. It might be a while before I trust the system enough...
  13. Can't Seem to login from a different location

    Hi I just changed my email address on my account 8070C2 I can't seem to login from another location. Could you send a email to change the password and let me know what needs to be done ty...
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    GOD's Generals Recruitment Page.

    Hi and thank you for checking out our recruitment page. Our guild focuses on having fun and fighting hard to win battles. We are primarily a battle guild, even tho were at 5% on monsters too. Our...
  15. How Do You Promote A General Passed 5 Star And So On

    Hi after buying enough of the same general to go five star it locked so you can't buy any more from the Oracle. What needs to be done next to open it up.
  16. I agree with you. I purposely heal rouges with...

    I agree with you. I purposely heal rouges with high evade cuz it does a few things it takes a truckload of tokens to try and stun a rouge with high evade. and makes the enemy crazy. Then they make...
  17. Thread: Intimidate

    by joecoool

    That Would Be Awesome

    Totally agree with you. It be super fun.
  18. Battle Active Players GOD's Generals Welcomes You Join US :)

    Hi everyone gm of GG here. GG is a very active battle guild. We have grown and are still growing. If your favorite thing about CA is the battle side of the game. Then come join us. There are only ...
  19. Battle Active Players GOD's Generals Is Super Active

    With only three gates full. We manage to get to the top of the battle leader boards :) (mind you with out password sharing like some guilds do)
    We pride our selfs on building stronger, having fun...
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    Poll: Here is a guy who needs a lesson in chainning. He...

    Here is a guy who needs a lesson in chainning. He is a bully and likes to dish it out. T3rmin8or
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    Just wondering cuz I am 779 level and like to...

    Just wondering cuz I am 779 level and like to turn uni.
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    Favor Points And Refills Question

    Is there a cheaper place to buy fp's then $45 for 300 fp's ?

    Is there a better place for refills then 25 fp's for three refills.
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    How Do You Open Class 6

    From what I know, you have to buy everything in the guild shop to open class 6. Is this true or how do you open class 6 or can you?
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    Greed Potion Alchemy Disappeared

    Something really werid happend when clicking the green powder alchemy, it just disappear with out giving me a xp potion :(
  25. Elvis get a grip lol I am into playing castleage...

    Elvis get a grip lol I am into playing castleage born here and my great grand parents have been born here with a bunch of vet's in my family, so please know what your talking about before you say...
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