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    Oh sorry, yeah, remember that thread (which you closed) with the guy that wanted to make alts using an iOS emulator ?

    That screenshot is from the gaea TOS, and mentions something about playing games on phone, not sure if that means emulators can't be used, but I thought you would be interested in reading that.
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    Thanks for that last post.
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    Poll ! = discussion. That is all.
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    Your Forum visitor messages are all worky-worky. Instead I'm going to post about socks. Because a good pair of socks is pretty awesome, and if you are wearing a bad pair of socks, it can pretty much ruin your day. Also did you know you can buy some holiday-themed socks?? True story! Anywho, remember that Mentos + Cola = Hilarity and do have a lovely day
  5. I lost a bunch of my stats some time back when my computer died while I was in CA. Can you help////
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    Dragoon's of Castle Age

    Dragoons is an old guild that fell apart and a few stragglers are now returning. The conquest section has five lands and three
    of the lands are impossible to beat as they are based on 4 monsters from the guilds previous strength. The other two lands are single monsters that don't respond to explore. Can you alter four land monsters so the three players have a chance to do something in Conquest ?

    I started the guild so they asked me to approach the powers to try to get this fixed.


  7. Hi - i see the 100 x 100 timer reset thread was closed as resolved. Sorry but it is not. the last battle we had was yesterday morning at 5 am....and every battle since including this mornings 5 am battle has been skipped. And even worse, the battle page says 2 of 3 so looks to me we will be skipped all day today as well.
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    I was wondering if Aki will be available in the future now that the general alliances are up and running. I missed the promo back as I was taking a break from CA.

  9. sorry to disturb you Mursilis, I know you probably get quite a lot of messages each day and with the new arena, it must be madenning at the mome .. but I have a question, and after much searching on the net, and seeing my questioned answered from the year 2010, I find myself here.

    I am level 278, in arena, I am being attacked by a level 648. I looked a few times and do not see anyone a hundred levels above or below me so why is it that this person is able to attack me and is it some script or bot. How do I report them if it is ...

    thank you in advance

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