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Arena Prizes not received

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I finished with Ledgend status and didnt recieve ledgend Chest it kicked me down to hero about 12 hrs after end of time and gave me crap gear I worked vry hard and spent ALOT of cash money to have my status changed and be given lesser item. This is no longer worth playing this game if you arent going to award the prize you earned.
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  1. gogoo's Avatar
    Your "issue" has been discussed in this thread:

    I say "issue" with quotation marks because what happened to you is not a bug, it's how Arena has always worked.
    You probably noticed that every day you were falling down from Legend to Hero (I guess). It's the same on the last day, before they send the rewards.
    The ranks aren't updated in real time, they're updated once every day.

    However the way this works should be stated way more clearly somewhere in-game because there are several people who are disappointed like at the end of the Arena every year simply because they didn't understand how the rank updates work.

    Edit: Just realized you posted your meesage in the thread I linked. Idk how this "blog" thing works...
    Updated 01-04-2019 at 10:45 AM by gogoo