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bill mason

Didn't recieve promo pack on FP purchas.

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I am very unhappy with the response I got from the developers on this issue,I was basically call a liar, that i did receive the rewards, My thing is where are my free chest rolls, there should be a way for them to see i did not get any rolls because ,i would have new items to show for it and also if i didnt use the free rolls they would still be there to use, which they are not and i did not get the paid for...Example It took me 3 months to prove that part of the game was not working the Dev. said there was no problem, 3 months and maybe 20 e mails, they finally got it fixed after again calling me a liar saying nothing wrong.Im a good fair person I don't like to be called a liar. I have taken things in the past to the fullest to prove i am right. when called a liar, this will be not different. ,I have sent all the screen shots with the proof I dont have the items they say I received . Have them prove that i got 2 free spins and the items with date and time stamp of the items I used the free spins on..., Sorry, I am mad again.I got the 120 favor points, no free spins nothing but the 120 Favor Points. Below is their reply to the problem.I think they just didn't want to really look at i said where are the items i would have got from the free spins as promised and where is the number of free spins on my oracle page, I have never had a customer service treat me this way, it's not good for business, The amount of money I have spent on Promo Pack have now stopped for ever sense the new owners have resorted to making you feel like you are trying to get something for nothing. I paid,I need to receive all what I paid for.

Thank you for your patience.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

After investigating the promotion issue with our developers, our records have indicated that your account has received the promotional items in question.

With this information, we cannot compensate any further items at this time.

If you have any other issues, please let us know.

Gaea Mobile Support

army Code 88BBD6
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