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Anna De LaSecond

This button needed ;)

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The big players used to be able to trade infinite essence with one direct link. Then, someone complained that big players (not within their guild) was filling up their guild's essence storage and causing problems. At first, one of the devs thought it was no big deal for the big players to do that, but the person who complained persisted, so the devs finally blocked people from trading unlimited essence with one direct link. Now, the new devs fixed the storage problem. So, the original complaint has been resolved. It sounds like it might be right to remove the check and add more options to the essence trading interface. With everybody adding more energy for trading, it'd probably be good to bump the interface up to allow using 500 energy at a time (or 4000 essence, because that's around how much energy people get per day). Better yet, I believe it takes 1625 energy to trade the 13K essence needed for campaign, so an option to select 1500 energy is likely to be useful and popular. (1625 would be nice, but it just doesn't look very pretty as an option.)
Pretty much accurate!

When I used to "teach" (log time ago .. during the french revolution days maybe :P LOL )
it was essential for the student to learn how to avoid or minimize "repetitive" clicks on end users! especially when it comes to "volume" clicks, Hence the automaton construct would efficiently utilize environmental resources (i.e. cpu, memory, network traffic, log transaction .. etc.)

In principle, gaming relies heavily on interactive and fast responses, having that said .. it would actually "HELP" the engine of CA to have those "unneeded" clicks weeded out .. like lengthy trading "button-clicking", and/or alchemizing voluminous, resources in one click .. and so on! Those buttons have no other purpose except updating "player's inventory" which actually would require a clock cycle and DB access etc. !!

I would say ... by introducing such enhancement would actually (most likely) Reduce the appearance of the infamous "Ugly Blue Orb Of Death!"
heheheh ... explicitly .... MINIMIZE THE LAG !!! that everyone is participating in including players through SERIOUS fight to gain access to their inventory-update module

Voila ... everyone Happy

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