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Bacon and sheep farmers by Badger

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Great post Brock. :3

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I love a good analogy
First off that $13k/day figure came from shortly after a released promo-pack. So lets be honest and cut that down to at least $10k, if not lower.

But lets say the Devs are like Farmers, and they are part of a co-op farming group. The Devs raise sheep, which they make a nice amount of money on, enough to live on for sure. Global warming aside, they feel confident that if they keep owning sheep, they will keep making money. Eventually, people will stop buying their sheeps' wool but that day seems a ways off.

The co-op farming group, though, thinks that this farm could better use it's resources on something different. "No more sheep", they tell the sheep farmers, "we want you and all the rest of our member farms to raise pigs. Because pigs create bacon! And bacon is the greatest thing ever. And if we have everyone making bacon, then we'll have the best bacon farm ever, and people will only buy OUR bacon! Everyone wins!!"

The sheep farmers had a nice gig going and are trying to hang on to the few sheep they have left on the side, but if the boss says "Bacon!" then they have to say "How much?" And maybe the Bacon farm will flop too, but the higher ups think that bacon is where the money is, so despite modest profits, the sheep farmers are now bacon farmers, end of story.

If the Devs did get pulled off to work on Marvel United or a new SW venture, then that's basically the same thing as my analogy. Which means no more wool. For now, they still have a few sheep, and until they're forced to get rid of them they'll still have that farm. So we still have CA to play. But we all knew that sooner or later that might change. Some people think that's coming sooner than later, but today's reality is that there are still sheep. Keep playing CA. Don't invest if you don't want to, but you can still play with the sheep
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