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Castle Age Wishlist - "Developer to-do list"

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Lately, there has been a bit of a dev-vacuum on the forums and in-game (in the form of updates). Most of us still have plenty to do in CA, and I'm sure lots of players are happily working on their archives, or battle ranks or divine power etc. We also have guild battles for our dose of daily competitive action. Still, the dev-absence worries many players (myself included), and I'm sure all of us have a little list in mind of things we'd like devs to do. Here's mine:

  • Active, permanent dev support presence on forums. Yes, we can report things in-game, but sometimes, for whatever reason, answers don't come. Such a person would also give the impression that devs are always keeping an eye on this game, and would probably fight this feeling people have of the game being abandoned. It also would not be a hard thing to do(and he'd have help from other regular people who read tech support and try to help there, including mods). Minimum effort - maximum impact.
  • Proper rotation of 10vs10 and 100vs100 seasons. As an aside, I think just 2 100vs100 seasons per year would also work great. Keep the 4 10vs10 seasons though. You have seasonal features, if you ignore them, the game looks abandoned. And all the code structure is in place already, this should just be like maintenance for you guys.
  • A few new things, that you've promised to implement: The contest general Hermodr, the demi-pray extra bonuses (fp, chest rolls).
  • Android app. You have given the impression that a lot of work has been done on this, but we still don't have an app. Android is a new market for you, just waiting to be tapped. And new players are always needed and welcomed. I hope you're not on forums because you're finishing the app. This would be HUGE news (see, I even had to use caps on huge, it would be that big).

Well, that's my wishlist for CA(in a perfect world, I'd also like some changes to happen to festy duels). I am not asking for too much right??
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