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Forum rules & why they should be obeyed

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Ok, so after promises of tips on how to troll I come up with this... Sorry, but this stuff is important if you want to be an active forum member.

A) Forum rules.
You can read a detailed description of the forum rules here:
In short, there are a few basic(common sense mostly) things which you should NOT do.

- Please please don't insult other people! This is the most common sense rule, and frankly the most important. You can't have a discussion if you start calling each other names. (bad names)
- Don't post "adult" stuff. It's just not that kind of forum. So don't.
- Don't cross-post. That is, if you have a thread that you want people to read, post it once and that's it. Unless you have a very legitimate reason of linking a thread, don't do it. If you cross post you have to be extremely on topic. When in doubt, don't do it.
- Keep pictures small: 800x800 pixels.
- Be on topic, more or less. Try to make it look like you're at least trying to comment on whatever the topic of the thread is.
- Don't post other player's names or keep links.
- Don't argue about mod decisions, if you have an issue, send a private message.
- Lastly, you can only have one account. Making a new account to circumvent a ban is an obvious breach of this rule and a fast way to turn a temp ban into a permanent one.

B) Why obey them?
- Because if you don't, you'll eventually get banned. If you want to be an ACTIVE forum member, you need to keep your posting rights. Even if you hate everyone here, you can't post without an account. (thinking of you Wilbur).
- Less mental stress for people around you. Obeying these rules will ensure the forums are a pleasant place for everyone. This in turn means more people will frequent the forums, and we'll all have lovely conversations on CA all day long. Active forums probably means more active devs too. (I hope so at least)
- By forcing yourself to appear nice, you'll eventually become nice. I read this in a book once. Apparently most of us can't indefinitely pretend to be someone were not. Too much pretending and eventually you become the real thing. And I like nice people, so I hope you will obey forum rules.

So that's really about it. I still urge you to click that link at the top and read the full text of the rules, but this is it more or less. At the very least, I hope this entry will remind people that there are forum rules, which they should be mindful of when posting.
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