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  1. While in principle you're, the CA DAU is 423k and weekly stats are down to M from 1.4M last Dec. Daily players came back a big drop in June but for how long? CA is a niche real game the developers make, it makes profits, it has bills to pay and will shortly have to start paying FB a 35% user tag for transactions. Money there but overall is small compared to the big fully developed MMORPGs/companys that focus on multiple games like Zygna. CA would be number 10 on Zygna's list of games below the obvious FarmVille-9M, FrontierVille-6M, Texas HoldEm-5M, Café World-3M, Mafia Wars-3M, Treasure Isle-3M, PetVille-1M, FishVille-0.9M and YoVille-0.8M.

    CA developers live off the profits and feed little back and could make a change. But I do not see it happening until someone looks at CA as a market and buys the software license and makes it professional. Try doing research on the company and you quickly run into a series of false business front and a very partial list of developers.
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