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  1. Ok, I can understanding your point. Tbh, saying that my bumping that thread is harrassing the Devs is, imo, a bit over the top.
    But as I've already stated, I'm in communication with them, so at least an answer will come eventually.
    Thank you for letting me know what your stance is on certain posting etiqutte.

  2. Were this a technical problem I could see you bumping it from time to time to try and get a resolution. But this was a suggestion made to the developers. As such once you've made the suggestion and all discussion with your fellow forumites was done, there really isn't anything else to do with the thread. Either the devs will read it and implement it, read it and talk to you about it or not read it at all. But either way, harrassing them about a suggestion simply isn't good form. Hence why we don't allow most threads to be bumped without some additional information.
  3. p.s.-a closed mouth don't get fed!
  4. Hello Dan,
    I didn't know there was a cap on how many times a forum member could bump a thread.
    And actually I've been talking with one about the cap, so I figure bumping has done something.
    Since I now am in communication with them I guess I'll finally get my answer, as well as everyone else who wanted to know.
    But on a lighter note, how come it bothers you at all?
    Its one stupid thread, and the spamming that goes on by the regulars is far worse than my bumping a thread in suggestions.
  5. Please stop artificially bumping your energy cap suggestion thread. If the devs were going to comment, they would have by now.
  6. Pssst, your signature is a tad to large, please resize to conform with forum standards. Thanks.
  7. If I invested all of my stamina into the Arena from day 1, then yes I don't think I'd have any trouble getting legend status. But it was supposed to be a 37 day event, and I couldn't see doing that only for 37 straight days. So invested all my stamina for first two days and then part of my stamina each day from then onward. We'll see what happens these last three days, I'll put more stamina into the Arena like I have been and see what happens.
  8. Well...I have been hording ALL fp's for a VERY long time. Thats why my General count is low. You know much better than I you the teacher and I the student. Genesis is a limited soldier from what they say...YOU will always be a Legend with or without it in my book :^)
    But If your telling me that you couldn't make Legend IF you REALLY wanted to...sorry that bird don't fly straight :^P
  9. To be honest no, I don't expect to get legend status in the Arena. I'm not willing to pump FP refills into it and I have a much smaller stamina pool than the average monster hunter. For comparison sake, look at Hels. She's got 3-4 times my arena points and is a pure monster hunter. That's the type of build I expect to fill the legend grouping, with maybe a few PvP builds there but not many.
  10. if you want....yes thos is over posting sorry I keep forgetting I had more to say...but yeah...dude just burn that sta´m the last biggie.
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