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  1. I need to get back in the gym... lols!
  2. *Flex* And you know 10 char
  3. Gods damn! I hadn't. Apologies and congratulations!
  4. Did you notice I broke your keep?
  5. Your offer is most generously accepted. I need to find some to cook for him now...
  6. Ginger! Your new son needs someone who can train him in the art of Flirting.. I am willing to be his Flirt-It-Zu Master. You need only ask.
  7. Oh no! Don't hit list me! :O
  8. I'm tempted to delete and block you from my profile now for that threat!

    As well of course as running to my high level monster slaying friends to chain your ass down for a week!
  9. Tapped you. I;m Black Vengence in your feed. Accept the FR and I might have mercy on you :P
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