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    Before deleting your old monster posts, ensure you keep your post total high enough to create new posts.
  2. Dawn Promo Pack available 22-26 Dec

    Quote Originally Posted by sundos View Post
    I might would get it, but since I cannot get my dawn to 5 star and can't buy another one in favor generals cause it is locked and says I have 12 .. so is my account broken? Why does it show I have only 4 dawns in my promo section when I know I have bought all 12? Help.. of course I never come back to check for the help I ask for.. lol
  3. Cronus Astaroth Help Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sagit View Post
    Monster Codes: 3xsdh19alu:101
    85 hrs left need hitters
  4. Didn't recieve promo pack on FP purchas.

    Quote Originally Posted by bill mason View Post
    old ticket 355636 did get my promo pack items new ticket 6/7/2017 365735 waiting for responce
    Response same as before, first from Oscar
    Oscar (Gaea Mobile)
    Jun 8, 14:25 -02

    Hello Billmason51,

    Thank you for your patience.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    After investigating the promotion issue with our developers, our records have indicated that your account has received ...
  5. day 1176

    I know I have kept you guys waiting for an update for quite a while. Sorry for that. So, here’s my current setup and my stats.

    BSI Summary (w/ everything)
    BSI: 2.188
    LSI: 7.614
    TSI: 7.687

    Attack Power: 4,785.80
    Defense Power: 4,387.40
    Average Power: 4,586.60
    Attack w/ Pierce: 6,317.26
    Defense w/ Resistance: 6,554.78

    LSI Summary
    LSI: 7.614
    Effective energy: 2,635.57500
    Effective Stamina: ...
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