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  1. day 1176

    I know I have kept you guys waiting for an update for quite a while. Sorry for that. So, here’s my current setup and my stats.

    BSI Summary (w/ everything)
    BSI: 2.188
    LSI: 7.614
    TSI: 7.687

    Attack Power: 4,785.80
    Defense Power: 4,387.40
    Average Power: 4,586.60
    Attack w/ Pierce: 6,317.26
    Defense w/ Resistance: 6,554.78

    LSI Summary
    LSI: 7.614
    Effective energy: 2,635.57500
    Effective Stamina: ...
  2. Didn't recieve promo pack on FP purchas.

    Quote Originally Posted by bill mason View Post
    I am very unhappy with the response I got from the developers on this issue,I was basically call a liar, that i did receive the rewards, My thing is where are my free chest rolls, there should be a way for them to see i did not get any rolls because ,i would have new items to show for it and also if i didnt use the free rolls they would still be there to use, which they are not and i did not get the paid for...Example It took me 3 months to prove that part of the game was not working
  3. This button needed ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by Anna De LaSecond View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Falco View Post
    The big players used to be able to trade infinite essence with one direct link. Then, someone complained that big players (not within their guild) was filling up their guild's essence storage and causing problems. At first, one of the devs thought it was no big deal for the big players to do that, but the person who complained persisted, so the devs finally blocked people from trading unlimited essence with one direct link. Now, the new devs fixed the storage problem. So, the original complaint
  4. They've escaped!

    and are now running rampant on my wall!
  5. wth

    I guess they made a place for the voices to talk to each other...

    yeah right get out of here!

    who said that?

    not me

    or me

    [tiptoes to the exit]


    whew, glad he's gone!
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