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  1. Vargulis, First Brood

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    No legendary@ 126 mill the monster should be named greed
    Chuckles at the elie, welcome to our fecking world
    As I stated this monster might just be what I needed to break my addiction
  2. Covered in Smoke?

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    Smoke Bomb, it gives evasion to allies when cast. The catch is that you need like 50,000 Guardian points to unlock it in the Guardian path. Which means Rogues need to play as other classes to get it.

    (edit) Discription info from the wikia; "Grants 20% Evasion to target ally for the next 5 turns. Usable in Guild Battles and Conquest (meaning defending Land) Battles". 50,000 Guardian points to unlock, and 3,500 guild coins/900 Iron/1,400 Lumber to purchase.
  3. [OT] BadgerTales: BEER: It's what's for dinner

    I hope to have more posts about beer and wine in the future, but I hadn't posted in a while and I want to remind folks who may be interested to check me out on the Untappd app to follow my reviews. Username is DrBaconMD.

    I hope to eventually review each type of beer, from IPAs, stouts, sessions, saisons, etc and provide some of my favorite examples of each, but that'll take more time and effort than I have right now. As VoV keeps pointing out, no one reads my stupid blog so I ...

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  4. Shardros, the Mountain Giant help Thread

  5. [OT] BadgerTales: Volunteer Involvement

    I am a proud graduate of the State University of New York College at Geneseo, which for anyone outside of New York state means very little, since it's a mouthful that folks don't care to understand. But in an effort to educate, let me give a brief summary:

    The New York state university system is comprised of 64 campuses, ranging from the four main university centers (Buffalo, Albany, Stony Brook and Binghamton), a slew of four year colleges, a network of community colleges, and other ...
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