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Forum Tips and Tricks

Anything resembling a guide on how to use the forums will be posted here.

  1. Tips for bloggers

    I have just started using forum blogs today, but I can already see that the only other forum blogger (looking at you Badger!!) is not using a lot of the built-in features of the blog. Imagine if the forum had a like and thanks feature and nobody used it. A waste. So I'm gonna post a bit about the few things I've figured out already.

    • Blog Name

    Your blog can have a name. If you don't pick a name it will be automatically named after yourself, but that's simply not fun.

    Updated 08-16-2015 at 08:16 PM by zserg

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  2. Forum rules & why they should be obeyed

    Ok, so after promises of tips on how to troll I come up with this... Sorry, but this stuff is important if you want to be an active forum member.

    A) Forum rules.
    You can read a detailed description of the forum rules here:
    In short, there are a few basic(common sense mostly) things which you should NOT do.

    - Please please don't insult other people! This is the most common sense ...