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  1. Bacon and sheep farmers by Badger

    Great post Brock. :3

    Quote Originally Posted by CastleAgeBrock View Post
    I love a good analogy
    First off that $13k/day figure came from shortly after a released promo-pack. So lets be honest and cut that down to at least $10k, if not lower.

    But lets say the Devs are like Farmers, and they are part of a co-op farming group. The Devs raise sheep, which they make a nice amount of money on, enough to live on for sure. Global warming aside, they feel confident that if they keep owning sheep, they will
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  2. Castle Age Wishlist - "Developer to-do list"

    Lately, there has been a bit of a dev-vacuum on the forums and in-game (in the form of updates). Most of us still have plenty to do in CA, and I'm sure lots of players are happily working on their archives, or battle ranks or divine power etc. We also have guild battles for our dose of daily competitive action. Still, the dev-absence worries many players (myself included), and I'm sure all of us have a little list in mind of things we'd like devs to do. Here's mine:

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  3. Tips for bloggers

    I have just started using forum blogs today, but I can already see that the only other forum blogger (looking at you Badger!!) is not using a lot of the built-in features of the blog. Imagine if the forum had a like and thanks feature and nobody used it. A waste. So I'm gonna post a bit about the few things I've figured out already.

    • Blog Name

    Your blog can have a name. If you don't pick a name it will be automatically named after yourself, but that's simply not fun.

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  4. Forum rules & why they should be obeyed

    Ok, so after promises of tips on how to troll I come up with this... Sorry, but this stuff is important if you want to be an active forum member.

    A) Forum rules.
    You can read a detailed description of the forum rules here:
    In short, there are a few basic(common sense mostly) things which you should NOT do.

    - Please please don't insult other people! This is the most common sense ...
  5. My blogging career begins

    Well nobody reads blogs on here, so I thought I would start a blog that is mostly about forum stuff. I have a few ideas, like guides on how to spam and troll and not get caught, that sort of thing.(haha, just joking mods, I am not sharing those secrets err... I mean well nvm.)

    Anyway, I will have something up tonight for all you people that don't read blogs! (don't worry I don't read them either )

    Badger: Your solo* blogging career ends. Cuz now I will post ...

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