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  1. How to post a screenshot

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and screenshots are often the most efficient way to convey what you're seeing in the game. However, it isn't always obvious how to post a picture to these forums.

    The first step is to take a screenshot.
    Instructions are on this site:
    To get useful information from the site, you have to first click on the platform you're using and then follow the instructions to take a screenshot for your platform. ...
  2. Campaign

    Possible top-row tasks:
    - Acquire Guild Coins
    - Acquire Hero Crystals
    - Acquire Iron
    - Acquire Lumber
    - Collect Medals
    - Blue Crystals
    - Green Crystals
    - Red Crystals
    - Land of Earth Tokens
    - Land of Mist Tokens
    - Earn Demi Points from [name]
    - Kill Enemies in Battle, Duel
    - Kill Enemies in Battle, Invade
    - Kill Enemies in Guild Combat
    - Level Up Your Hero
    - Spend Stamina on Siege Weapons ...

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  3. Castle Age problems

    Constantly in progress...

    Logs are limited in number of characters.
    Please see comments for more bugs.

    Existing Castle Age bugs:

    • Monsters use elemental pierce from best-attack equipment if the slot is unequipped.

      If an auto-select best-attack equipment has elemental pierce, that elemental pierce is turned on against the monster even though the elemental pierce doesn't show up in keep.

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  4. Castle Age Introduction

    I've been wanting to make a web page with this information for a long time, but I'm very bad at writing on a blank page. I write a lot more readily when I'm answering questions.

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    I like monster hunting
    Stamina: 363
    I don't know how long you've been gone, but it looks like you probably left before the devs doubled the regen rate. We get a new stamina every 2.5 minutes now instead of every 5 minutes. At 363 stamina, you have to use all your stamina every 15.125 hours or