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House of Honor is Recruiting

We are looking for about 5 more members. We always at Vanguard for the 100v100. We have multiple Vanguard gates in the 10v 10. The usual amounts of lands, but we have gotten a smaller but very strong guild to join us and are looking to move into the top 20 for the 100v100. Our best rank was at 41. While we are now very confident we have enough, its time to go over the top. This is the perfect time to join!

  1. House of Honor is Recruiting

    We are looking to finally move up to level 13, have done it before with similar results as others but I think we are ready to do it to stay, but we are looking for a couple to join us. We are typically in the 0-5% monster percentile and also enjoy our battles. Let me know, will be very happy to make more room if needed. We are being loyal to some inactives, but they have not answered the latest call so the room may go from 2 to much more. Thank you!