View Full Version : CA iOS client 1.316 Update

11-12-2014, 11:28 PM
Daily Rewards page

-Updated to be client side.

Gifting Page

-Updated to be client side.

News Feed

-Viewing players links to the correct player profile.
-Delete all messages will now remove guild invites.


-"View more" options for collections correctly shows that players items.

Daily Spin Popup

-Updated to be client side.


-You can now tap the screen to initiate and repeat attacks [Target Monsters do not have this feature yet].
-Contribution Points added to the Damage Leaderboard as well as the response feedback after an attack.
-Animations have been improved for speed and response.
-Sound should be working as intended.
-A bug causing monster attack feedback to not display should be fixed.

Input Fields

-Various input fields are now uniform and more intuitive. This includes army code entry, chat entry banking gold entry, ect ect.
-For older IOS versions and short screen clients, upcoming client 1.317 will resolve the current issues with input fields.
-Bank: Retrieve currently does not allow a custom input amount. For now [until 1.317] we are removing the 10% stash fee and the "retrieve" will retrieve ALL your gold. We are working on a more permanent fix prior to 1.317.


-Pushing the arrows when expanded will fully close the chat UI.
-Input field improved.
-Entering chat from the news feed goes to the new chat UI.


-"New" and "Guild" filters added for access to new important alchemies.
-Small fixes to "will not be consumed" displays.
-Fixes for scrolling on shorter-screen devices.


-We are still investigating the login page issues.
-Client 1.317 we are working on specifically improves the login structure and makes the page client side.