View Full Version : Dull Wind Gem or Shiny Earth Gem

11-07-2013, 04:43 PM
So, I am about to make my Legendary Gauntlet, which means I will have to choose 2 Elemental Gems for it in addition to the Silver Ingot.

Shiny Earth Gem gives me a total of 50 Piercing, while Dull Wind gives me 30. However, many people have Earth Defense Gem in their gear, but not many have Wind Protection Gem, so potentially I can gain more in PvP by using Wind Gem.

What are people's thought? Oh, tell me to save my precious Dull Wind Gem until Shiny Wind Gem comes out is a valid suggestion too!

11-07-2013, 10:52 PM
How much can you gain from the wind gem vs the 20 pierce you are loosing?

11-07-2013, 11:45 PM
And what does dull wind vs shiny earth do exactly?

I mean, I understand in theory wind vs earth and weaknesses vs resistances. But it made more sense in Pokemon.

11-08-2013, 03:30 AM
How much can you gain from the wind gem vs the 20 pierce you are loosing?

That depends on the Defense Gem my target is using, the more Earth Defense Gems he uses, the more bonus I gain from using Wind.

11-08-2013, 10:29 AM
Because most common element in defense gear is earth (dull earth protection gems are easy to come by, cloudy ones easy to buy, shining thus easy to alchemize, and it gives more resistance than dull gems), it's obviously not a good idea to forge Earth Fury gem to attack gear. It's less effective against Earth Protection than not having it would be.

Wind Gem OTOH works just fine against all but Wind Protection, and with prevelance of Earth protection and relative rarity of Wind Protection (rare because it's suspectible to Earth Fury which is common, and OTOH because it's not useful in anything except Vorak), it's more likely that you hit Earth Protection which is suspectible to Wind Offense, making it even stronger than normal.

That's assuming elements work as they are supposed to work of course.

Above issues considered, I still can't decide how to handle multislot items. You can have rune in only one, and OTOH there aren't many enough that you could swap between on offense based on how opponent's defense works (ie. notice earth defense so swap to wind offense weapon* need more slots in more items so you won't end up lacking that piercing ingot you also had in the earth offense weapon). So you can really have only one item per slot for pvp offense there isn't real choice in which slotted items to use on offense.
Now, if you know you can't choose weapons, the one you forge your attack rune to will be the only one you'll ever use in pvp, the gauntlet with damage rune is the only one you'll ever use in GB/Conquest, should I gamble with elements or ignore elements and go pure piercing only? If I go piercing only, then I lack potential upside of element, but also there's no downside of my equipment being less effective against some opponents.

What would happen if I had Fire Fury and Water Fury in same item? They'd cancel elementally speaking, and leave only pure piercing from the gems in there? Because then they'd give +15+15=+30 piercing with no downside although with no upside either.