View Full Version : Need a Strategy tip :)

10-27-2009, 12:40 PM

first i'd say a general thanks to all of you who wrote this great guides and tips, they are really helpful! you guys rock! :D

so, those guides made me realize that when i reach level 80, i would no longer fight others in my level, but any level higher will be able to attack me, right? :eek:
now, at level 65 im looking to a way to defense my self better, something i didnt do until now cause i really didnt care losing some money and battle points. (but i dont want to be crushed to death :( )

my states are:
40 Attack
69 Defense
103 Max Energy
101 Max Health
113 Max Stamina
355 Army members

I mostly put into stamina cause i love dragon slaying, but i stop doing that and started adding to my defense, i also went back to the "land of fire" and got level4 influence there, and used all the favor points in defense.

what else would you advise me to do? what kind of weapon and armor is the best to use? (im a Legionnaire)

Thanks :D

Caitir Eavan
10-27-2009, 12:45 PM
First advice: get 501 army. Less army and you're dead. Other level 80s will love a small army person because they can't beat the really high levels either, so you'll just be chained constantly.

As you realised yourself - you've got a lot of stamina. You certainly don't want any more there. I'd level slowly if I were you, get the appropriate blessings every day. I had a combined att/def of over 300 when I hit level 70. You're nowhere near that. And I still got killed and chained constantly when I hit the big pot.

10-27-2009, 12:56 PM
:D Thanks!! im working on my army, i hope to reach 501 before level 80.

I need to stop fighting dragons! its the reason i level up so fast, without thinking about all the other things i need (like money, and soldiers) today i said "no more dragons!" hope i can do it for a few days, but its an obsession :D hehe

Do you think i should have the same amount of attack as defense even if im not gonna attack? does it help me when others attack me?

Thx again :D

The Lord of the Files
10-27-2009, 02:48 PM
Don't sweat 80. Now is a good time to hit it. I've been attacked a lot less often since hitting 80 last week, and I've got a lot more stamina than you.

A 501 army is a pretty good deterrent. Just like a puffer fish, it makes you look bigger than you really are, and most of the predators will look for easier prey to swallow.