View Full Version : Quest Rewards

10-10-2009, 01:57 AM
Quest rewards are small in comparison to the rewards received for fighting dragons. Give awesome rewards to those that get quest lines to level 4, like make the corresponding general for the quest gain attack and defense power each time you complete a quest level. Additional reward for getting a stage completed to level 4.

Duelist Rewards: Powerful army, armor/weapon, spell, stat points. Don't have a problem with the rewards here, you really have to work hard to get these rewards.

Dragon Fighter Rewards: Got stamina, then anything the game can offer you, can be a reward. Big experience, money and item rewards for no effort. Not quite fair to the players that started well before your new adds to the game.

Questers Rewards: A sword, an armor piece, and a spell, a stat point for completing a quest segment. Small rewards for a lot of effort, even in respect to the duelist.