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10-06-2009, 11:24 PM
How about make that player can be affect by a spell (and one spell only each time) which gives you some bonus on certain stuff. Should you cast a new spell on yourself, the old one will be replaced. To cast a spell, you will need to gather and use some ingredients (much like alchemy, but a new tab and no item will be produced, instead a bonus is given or replaced to your characters).

Here are some ideas -

3 red eggs + dragonblood = Red Dragon Fury (+ 15% dam against red dragon)
3 gold eggs + dragonblood = Gold Dragon Fury (+ 15% dam against gold dragon)
3 blue eggs + dragonblood = Frost Dragon Fury (+ 15% dam against frost dragon)
3 emerald eggs + dragonblood = Emerald Dragon Fury (+ 15% dam against emerald dragon)
red egg + gold egg + blue egg + emerald egg + dragonblood = Omlette of dragon power (restore 3 stamina) ** alchemy receipt (not spell)
*** idea taken from cook the dragon eggs suggestion

Kiera soul + dragonblood = Kiera Rage (+15 ATT stat when battling other players)
Wall of Fire + 2 Fairy Dust = Flaming Armor (+15 DEF stat when attacked by other players)
Dragon Scale + 4 Feather = Fly (+ 10% exp when fighting any of the 4 dragons)

** part of the idea is to re-use the alchemy ingredients (especially the eggs)

10-10-2009, 04:46 AM
Kiera soul + dragonblood = Kiera Rage (+15 ATT stat when battling other players)
i think people would be a bit reluctant to give up their keira's soul for and extra 15 attack stat. it would be better if their was a completley new set of items available for gifting or won off dragons. then these "spells" would be better saved instead of removing valuable dragon items.
and yes you might say "but i have over a thousand dragon eggs", to which i would reply: yes but you have a thousand of one and two of another needed for the same dragon >< (you idiot)