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06-25-2010, 08:45 AM
Ok, So after about 1 month of playing, at level 120. I admit I'm a filthy CA addict.

I love playing this game and with my first few rolls saving up favor point with achivements and such, I got lucky with Malekus. I really wanted all the other generals to increase his power but been tight with my money I don't really want spend $50 a pop on credit card for 300 points.

I first tried with free offers, signing up for bank accounts, filling out surveys and stuff. I think I got over 300 this way and scored Arezon, a bunch of refills and some Orcale specials. That just made me want them all even more.

So finally I had an idea on how to get favor points without drilling my hard earned money. here's my tutorial (if you could call it that) on how to get lots of Favor points with no noticable cost to your bank account.

Buy 79 fp's For $15 on PREPAID mobile credit.

First up, I live in Australia. This might not work unless there is the same services in other countries.

Me and my Girlfriend use Prepaid mobiles and on average I recharge $50 and she does $30, with our service provider Optus you pay $50 and get $50 credit + $330 worth of Bonus credit which always lasts me for the month and sometimes, some to spare. There is no difference between the bonus credit and normal as far as call costs go, but you can only use the normal credit to buy favor points.

I tried it first on my girlfriend mobile ( I asked her, don't worry) and it used $15 of her normal credit leaving her with $165 balance for the rest of the month. Even if i didn't tell her I dont think she would have noticed. Because if you take $15 out of the $180 worth of credit she gets for $30, its only about $2.50 cost for 79 favor points.

So after my experiment last week. I recharged my phone today for $60 dollars. Scored 316 Fp points and still have the $350+ dollars worth of credit for the month which I need to spend anyway.

Essentially instead of spending $50 dollar on the credit card, I just recharge my phone with an extra $10, and since i get the same credit amount it works out to 316 FP's for $10 + my girlfriend doesn't mine me using her $30 as well since it only cost her about $5.

So yeah. I just brought 3 Orcacle specials, scored Mesophiles and Azriel, and still had enough FP's left to level 4 times with Stamina Recharges.

(I seem some serious luck rolls on the chest btw -100 points spent, 2 epic generals)

We both recharge every month, so I will be getting 474 Fp's + Monster ones, say 500 a month? x6 months left in the year = 3000 FP's to buy every general. (with some luck)

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. It will cost me about $60 all up

Do you want 3000 Fp's for $60?

If you do this all I ask is you don't chain me in war, while my generals are kick ass, my Stats and items are sub par atm :(.

Stats so far.

level: 120
Generals: 43
Chest Generals: 11
Oracle Generals: 8
FP's Used: about 900 all up (474 from phone, 30 paid, about 300 from offers and the rest from achivements)

Total amount of money spent of FP's so far: $15 ($10 average phone credit cost and I foolishly brought 30 for $5 3 weeks ago when I started out)

Hope this guide can help you get a lot of favor points for minimum cost like it has me.

*Edit Profile removed... Lost nearly 1000 Battle points in the last 2 weeks, think the people without this service are chaining me out of spite. :)

06-25-2010, 08:54 AM
There must be a flaw somewhere in your plan, but apparently there isn't any, so.. props to you, sir, and enjoy your extra generals! :)

06-25-2010, 09:07 AM
The only flaw is I still have to spend money for FP's.

But the cost is insignificant really. It's win, win for everyone cept my phone company Optus. I pay them to pay the castle age creators money, while they give me free credit.

06-25-2010, 09:25 AM

My contract with 3 ending soon. Not goign to sign up a freaking plan again as i am going to purchase iphone 4 outright from Apple store. Awesome guide. Foolishly spent 20 dollars for 120 FP.

07-06-2010, 03:00 PM
Girlfriend recharged her phone today, $25 credit = 128 Fp's ....
woo 3x new monthly generals, A failed gamble and a full stam recharge...

She still has $110 Bonus, $5 credit and $50 my time money.

I offered her some money for using her credit (worth about $5?) but she said don't worry about it. I think she's under the impression that this game will end soon (jokes on her)
The reason for not the full $30 is that Optus has this annoying message when you have under $2 base credit and try to call someone, telling your nearly out of credit...So its best to leave $3 so avoid the message.
Do not worry as you use all your bonus credit first, I sat on the phone to a freind in the UK and ring mobiles everday, nearly 2 weeks later I still got over $200 credit, just that message sucks when you want to make a call fast.

Total Phone damage: over 600 Fp's Brought with phone credit - total cost (including my girlfriends credit) is about $20 (Not really a cost - got recharge ourphones anyway)

Total money ive spent on Fps about $40 now - I got excited when Red plains came out and Brought 120 Fp's for $20 on my card for refills. Tsk, what an addict :)

07-07-2010, 04:15 AM
Ok, So after about 1 month of playing, at level 120. I admit I'm a filthy CA addict.

*Edit Profile removed... Lost nearly 1000 Battle points in the last 2 weeks, think the people without this service are chaining me out of spite. :)

Nope, you are an easy target because you levelled too fast. If you are going to level fast, you have to hide, else you are going to get chained. It's usually players that have levelled slowly (under level 300) that dont have to hide.

PS: i think i might start using my prepaid mobile phone again. I will need as many FP's as i can get before reaching level 300. sheesh ive been playing this game for a year and i havent reached level 300 yet.

07-08-2010, 02:56 AM
Alas, you shall never have Memnon.

07-08-2010, 04:23 AM
dang beat to it however great plan. Your still going to be one short matterless ;).

07-08-2010, 09:56 AM
Alas, you shall never have Memnon.

Or Angelica

07-08-2010, 07:08 PM
Or Angelica


I was out of town when that was going on /cry.