View Full Version : A Few Suggestions: Dragons, Income, Items, Quests

10-06-2009, 06:46 AM
1.) Please implement a "Search Friends for Monsters" feature so we don't have to click Army, our friend's name, Monster, see that they don't have a dragon or Keira, then re-click Army, re-click a new friend's name, check to see if they have a monster and be disappointed when they don't, and repeat ad nauseum. Finding monster battles should be far more efficient than it is, and this search should be sortable (dragon type, time left, etc.).

2.) Please make our income worthwhile again. I just get payments and have nothing to spend my money on but even more land, etc., because I've reached a level where I've got all the units bought that I can ever use. I'd be especially happy if you'd allow us to purchase favor points with our gold, even if it was an absurd amount like $1 billion per favor point. Cash just seems so worthless at this point. Stat upgrades maybe? Buy army members?

3.) Random item drops while questing, please. It's too lucrative to cram everything into stamina rather than have any modicum of balance with energy, and possibly even stupid to go with a Pure Quester build with the inclusion of monster battles.

4.) Add epic quests that a group can work on together, like you've got with the dragons. Interacting with my friends has made Castle Age a much more worthwhile experience and you fine folks should definitely look into increasing that social gaming aspect.

5.) Implement a user-generated economy. You (the devs) will make more money because the people who pay to buy favor points can sell them in the user economy to those who "refuse to pay for a free game," leading those who do buy them to buy even more. So long as you make cash more worthwhile, like being able to buy stat upgrades.

6.) Add a "Power Attack II" option so those of us with ridiculous stamina don't have to sit in one spot for so long just hitting the same button over and over again. Maybe have it burn 10 or 20 stamina, do more damage and get more experience, however you guys do it. Maybe even call it "Epic Attack" and have it burn 50 stamina.

7.) Make alchemy recipes with normal items like daggers or steel shields or whatever. And have them burn massive numbers of those items in the process, which will also help solve the problem of worthless income. 100 daggers + 100 short swords + 10 fireballs = Flaming Short Sword. Or similar recipes.

Thanks for listening!

-- J

10-06-2009, 11:22 PM
Great suggestions!

Thorin Silver
10-06-2009, 11:31 PM
well said!

10-09-2009, 05:17 PM
hope the devs would make it come true
'cause i start think that gold is worthless, really
what for we have a lot of lands?

n can u make the gold has a function just like acoin in poker game
i mean we can sell it to others and get real cash