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06-22-2010, 02:33 AM
For the past 2 weeks, i've been involve with 2 Azriel, (back to back, 1 at a time), spending all my stamina(minus the daily 50) and part of my energy on it....and both of them fled...

there you go, 2 week's worth of stamina gone to wasteland...

I even helped out with favors for weapons for one of them even tho i'm not the summoner..

Since u can't really join Azriel at a late stage like the most other monsters, hydra for example... what should i be looking for when i join an azriel to see if it will most likely finish?

the only sources i have is this forum, and a fb group called hydra #1, whcih was a fantastic group back when the only monsters to hit were hydras and dragon... but the group has gone downhill since leadership changes... one of those failed azriel was from the group...


i really wanted to focus on azriel as i'm done all achivements and made all the monster related alchemy except for soldiers...

so the next best thing is frost bolts for Medius and Azriel's Transcendence

Thanks in advance for the help

06-22-2010, 03:21 AM
If you want an Azriel to succeed, be the one who makes it succeed. I used to have a group of 5 people I knew in real life so when we would summon something, we could all coordinate and take it down fast and easy.

Now it's just me (defense build) and my GF (attack build) that is left, but we are able to save fights. We usually choose one of us to be cleric and the other chooses whatever class they want to level up. I can heal for the entire health bar (as a cleric) when I have full energy.

If you aren't a defense build, and choosing cleric still helps the fight go better. Some people think "If I heal for 20k and the party takes 20k damage from the attacks I did, then that's a good job, I didn't hurt the party."

That's not how the fight should go. You need to keep the bar high for you and for all the mages, rogues, and warriors to attack.

tl;dr version: Choose cleric. Keep health high. ( >90%)

Arctic Wolf
06-22-2010, 09:49 AM
If you want to have a better shot at killing her, another way intead of making the Azriel fight is joining a monster hunting group and have it planned ahead of time so that way it has a better shot before things get critical :)

06-22-2010, 06:31 PM
I agree that joining a group is the best way to go with Azriel
(or the Alpha Bahamut). There's a section in this forum that
lists CA-related Facebook groups. You should be able to
find something there.

Azriels need dedication from a large group to get killed.
If you are just looking through random Azriels, I would
look for:
Is the green bar at full length and is it nearly filled? It needs to
be long and filled for maximum damage efficiency. This needs
dedication from the warriors in the beginning and the clerics
all the way through. It also needs good tactic from all hitters.
Avoid Azriel with low green.
Have several of the siege weapons gone off? All of the weapons
together make about half of the kill and will help a lot. They also
require lots of clicks so several of the easy ones need to go off in the
first day or so.
Important, but less so is how well the mages and rogues have done.
The cripple avoids only about 1 million damage. Not a big deal. Getting
consecrated is painful and best avoided but enough clerics can overcome
it. I was on an Azriel where 7 out of 8 deflects failed. The monster
still went down with a day to spare because of the clerics.

Finally, look for an Azriel where one high level player is going to do
250 million damage. That makes life much easier :p

06-22-2010, 09:10 PM
any good monster hunting group recommendation?

i did join a group called Hydra #1 back then which was excellent, but went downhill since leadership change...