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06-14-2010, 07:50 AM
I'm right on the verge of hitting level 70 and have so far been playing almost exclusively as a quester/monster hunter with no real direction.
1st things 1st, my stats:
200 energy
150 Stamina
31 Attack
11 Defense
100 Health and an Army of 67 and growing

Recently I decided I was tired of relying on others so much for bosses like Sylvanus so I decided to start pumping attack once I hit a decent amount of Energy and Stamina (200/150).
So far its only raised my damage output by 1k or less, not very encouraging ( I do 15k/power attack to the orc horde as a reference).

I have mostly low to mid-tier equipment with some nice stuff mixed in and tend to use Ophelia with her +25 att/-25 def as my general. I'm admittedly an invasion bottom-feeder until my army gets bigger.

I usually do as many quests as possible, then assist friends in their battles and then spend left over stamina invading (never duel) people with smaller armies for demi/battle points. I also do a ton of gift exchanging.

Should I keep focusing on attack and maybe boost stamina a bit more? I'm not too sure of how to progress or how high I should boost my attack before working on other stats again.

06-14-2010, 01:11 PM
Definitly should raise attack :)
sure each induvidal point wont make much difference in monster fights, reason being monsters are tiered base for example defend the castle you will make a jump once you get 200 attack

also recomend once you have increased attack a few more points start dualing people, even acoylotyes, wont give you battle point but you will get attack point thanks to training ground and skill and favor points through acchivments

also keep on increasing army, never a bad thing :D

you be better of in pvp if you stop adding to energy and stamina but you dont find that super important then some more stamina wont hurt

from personal experience 150 stamina can be a little low, if you do 6k / stamina you would want 170 stamina ready if your going to get acchivment level on genesis/skaar/orcs (6k/stamina require about 700 attack and full fort/dispel)

best of luck :)

06-14-2010, 09:21 PM
Tanks for the reply Deriam. I was checking guides and such but don't remember reading anything about monster tiers and how it relates to attack. Good to know :)

I eventually would like 200-250 stamina and about 100 more energy then just dump the rest into attack, sounds solid but not sure if it really is. I just wish I could get those points back that I dumped into defense when I first started.