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Tim Nyota
06-01-2010, 07:38 PM
Hiya, having learnt a lot from other forum members here, I thought I would give just a wee bit back, after seeing a lot of people wondering about the comparative value of generals, items, stats etc
It likely will not be new or even news to many of you, but if it helps one person it's all good.

As many of us know, ATT and DEF stats are the most important factor in PvP combat in Castle Age. Some people don't know that though.
Additionally it is not always clear just how "valuable" each element of the equation is, at different points in your characters career. Some people swear by a certain general, some by items, some by att/def stats.

Hopefully I have got the formula's correct here ;P If not, someone will let me know I hope and I can fix it up.

The spreadsheet can be found here, on googledocs.
http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Aro5WgWKHR6JdG42MzQwLV8wem0zZnktemRhWVlhb kE&hl=en_GB

The top 4 examples are with equal Att/Def stats of 100/100, 250/250, 500/500 and 1000/1000
Then i put a section below where you can input your own ATT/DEF stats and see the % breakdown of how much each part of the forumla is worth to your character in duels, both when attacking and when defending. You should also be able to download if you should want.

As you can see, at the start of the game your characters Items are the most important factor...
As you get more att/def stats however, items, general etc become less powerful by comparison.

The point where att/def stats become more powerful than items is at 204/204 Att/Def. (assuming you had the best general and items :P)

FYI - All the figures for General, General bonus and Items are using the games very best. ie. Malekus, 100 generals and the top sword/offhand/helm/glove/armour/amulet/spell.
Clearly this is unrealistic for most people, but it highlights the breakdown of the total combat points and where they come from.

Like i say, if you see any errors in what I've done, shout out and I will fix it up, cheers :)

edit : crap.. im working out now how to make it editable for you.. :s (not sure i can.. maybe you have to download it to edit it yourself)