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05-29-2010, 03:43 AM
With the Bahamut Research thread well over 40 pages long, it would be nice if an expert on fighting Bahamuts would start a basic tutorial thread. Even though I am over level 150, I have not fought any Bahamuts yet due to confusion about what my role should be. I am a (Att/Def balanced) PvP build with a decent amount of Stamina but very low Energy - the only conclusion I have been able to make is that I should not be a Mage. While I would appreciate some guidance on this thread, I still feel that a basic strategy guide would be helpful to others as well. Thanks in advance.

05-29-2010, 06:04 AM
Depending on how you define 'Very Low Energy'. With a balanced build you could do well as either a Cleric or Warrior. Warriors get their best results early in the battle. When a Warrior Strengthens, it reduces the grayed out portion of the health bar, thereby allowing more healing to be done. Warriors do heal in the process of Strengthening, but it amounts to being about 50% of the results of a Cleric with the same defense stat. Clerics Heal of course, and do so much better then Warriors, but a Cleric cannot affect the total length of the Health bar as a Warrior does.

So My advice (as a non expert) would be if you enter the battle early, go as a Warrior to get the health bar built up as much as possible as quickly as possible. If the battle has gone a while before you enter, and you can see the health bar has been strengthened a goodly amount, then go as a Cleric to get maximum results for your defense stat and energy use.

Rogues and Mages both are very time sensitive and seem to be best served by a player having a higher energy, say 200 to 300 or more, along with a decent defense stat. I know of 1 Lady (level 260 something) who has Energy in excess of 300 and a defense stat around 400 - 450 who can very near complete a Cripple or Deflect as a solo.

With my 1:1 balanced build with low energy and low stamina, I usually join the battle as a Cleric unless I catch it extremely early. Then I join as a Warrior.

05-29-2010, 06:13 AM

1) Assess your stats to the class that best matches:

high stamina/high energy -- Cleric and Warriors; attack and heal 24/7
high stamina/low energy -- Rogue and Mage; just attack a lot
low stamina/high energy -- Cleric and heal a lot
low stamina/low energy -- you have almost no business on a Bahamut

2) These are teamwork monsters so don't just choose your class in a vacuum. If you have a strong balanced set of stats, choose a class THAT HELPS THE TEAM THE MOST. This may mean choosing a class that you've already maxed out. I've maxed out warrior and rogue weeks ago but I will choose them if I see a deficiency in either.

3) Strength in numbers. Get help early. Some people CTA while others push the panic button. Get warriors in early to extend the health bar and clerics to fill it up. Mages and rogues are pretty much attack-only for 90% of the time, but they need to be available to prevent a lava breath/monster heal. I find the monster heal to be more annoying since that's 5-7 millon life we have to chop down again.

4) Communication among participants.

5) Attack only when the health bar is high enough to get a damage bonus. Otherwise wait for healers to do their job. This makes the monster die faster. A lot of people have a really really really really hard time understanding this concept but I've been in several coordinated operations and we've downed ABombs in less than 24 hrs.