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05-17-2010, 02:57 PM
So I'm slowly going through the forums & soaking up every article I can on building stats, fighting monsters and so forth. I read the (really good) monster experient on which generals did the most damage but I guess I'm looking for a concise overview of ALL (FP & non) that are most effective against monsters.

*Who are the top 3 for Attack against monsters?
I currently have Celesta, Vanquish & Zaverok
I want Ophelia. :p

*Who are the top 3 for defense? I have seen some people say Dante and then again some people say Celesta. :confused:

05-17-2010, 03:40 PM
Power Attack:
If you got no FP, go for Vanquish for World Monsters or Zarevok for Dragons and Kiera

If you got few FP to spare, then go for Kaiser and Backlash magic

If you are Credit Card user, gamble for Malekus and Lotus or, in rare occasion, Kull and Azriel.

Malekus and Lotus are best for attacking, consider getting them as your ultimate goal.

Again, for non-FP, Dante is the best, since fortify takes account of his +20 Defense bonus, not his -25 Attack reduction. celesta only adds 7 Defense when fortifying

Gamble for Ambrosia and buy alot of generals.

You might want to consider the Orc King if you have a lot of stamina

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Thanks guys, that definately helps make things clearer. :)