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05-09-2010, 05:44 AM
I would like to suggest to have a new form of demi blessings. Who have a lesser time expiration/availability.

A demi blessing but without the demi points bonus. But unlike the regular Demi blessings we have right now I say it has 20-23hrs expiration. Buy removing the demi points bonus it will compensate will the lesser time

Why would I suggest this kind of thing?
If you really are a hardcore/perfectionist/addict player of CA, Demi blessings is very important. But because of the 24hr expiration it giving a pressure /inconvenience to the game.

Imagine if you prayed at around 5pm, in the next day you got late end up praying at 8pm, then the next day you came at around 5pm again, because you prayed at 8pm, youll need to wait till 8pm.... coz of nothing to do, you watch TV... how time flies end up praying at around 10pm...
till it goes on and on.... Until you end setting your alarm clock past midnight just to pray for demiblessing.

can you see what I mean...

Then why dont they just changed the current demi blessing expiration/availability time
Id say no, coz will be probably hearing old players complaining about new players having way to easy... threatening they will quit CA.

why suggest 20-23 hrs instead of every 4/8/12hrs instead?
Coz the risk of taking castle age granted will increase.

thats why mafia wars has energy pack and daily chance, to keep/force players constant connected in the game. Heck they even changed how mafia wars cash flow. Even farmville is addictive coz it that how it works...

05-09-2010, 07:48 AM
the 24 hour system is just fine. and like to point out that is this is not mafia wars and farmville. or zanga. that is way i like this game. that is why most people play this game. because it is different.

also. i noticed you are new. so just fyi there is a search function and you need to try to use if before making a thread. but welcome to the forums just remember to show respect

05-09-2010, 08:34 AM
yes yes.... im new...

but the 24hr system... is not fine how can you say its fine... the ones who really benefits in our current demi-blessing 24hr system are the one using this script like the one in youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47aujfVDwx8,

if it can do quest/heal then i can automatically do the demi blessing.

If you notice the scenario I posted, that can really happen. Not exactly desame, but in a different situation
like going home late coz of a late night emergency meeting
you got a Date
you busy following your cheating wife
your hanging too much around in the forums.

the 24hr system is really the issue here...

quick scenario:
a player can lost his interest in the game because he didnt do demiblessing, example like he fall asleep just waiting an 1 hour to do blessing... when he wakes up hes pissed till a butterfly effect go in motion

FYI I dont care if CA is not another like zynga game that stuff...

05-09-2010, 09:33 AM

the 24hr system is really the issue here...


yes, and that is exactly why he suggested you looking up older posts.