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05-04-2010, 09:52 AM
Hey guys,

CA Rockers III. (in sort: CAR) isn't a new group, as you could figure out from the number, CAR got a CAR I. and II. group as well ;). We welcome any new members who could read the basic member rules and can act according the rules (e.g. post in the right topic; assist the received link /i'm a member of this group since months and the max stamina i had to use a day was around 20 & there were days i haven't had to click anything ;P/). The admins got good relationships with many other groups, but please, avoid joining too many groups.

Come here, join the group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=202984424976. If you think this group isn't satisfying your needs, you can quit any time, so you won't lose anything if you are joining.

Guides (which aren't rules, but please try to follow these to avoid conflicts):

1) To be a member of this group you must be an active player.

2) Every Mail you receive from this group please assist every link, not just the first few in the list. If other weapons are needed to be launched return and check regularly.

3) On entering the group to post your monster links you will discover that the wall isnt accessible for members to post on. Instead the admins would have posted criticals needing instant assisting so dont bypass the wall, check it first and assist all links.

4) you will find Topics in place on the Discussion Board to post your monster links. Make sure you post your link on the right topic, otherwise you may find that your link is removed without assistance.

5) On leaving your link on the correct Topic assist all those before you, the topics will be regularly cleaned so all links will need your assistance. If you are not seen to assist others before you then your monster may not be assisted.

6) The under 30hrs urgent threads - please only post monsters under these stated times and do not post your link more than once. There is no need to panic and post it again, once your link is posted it is not removed until the beast is down and it's progress is watched throughout it's remaining life. It will automatically be reposted on a mail if need be. Posting a link twice confuses the mail outs and anyone seen to do this risks their monster being ignored.

7) Do not bring outside links in "Free Loaders", we are here to assist each other but the links must show that they are worthy of assistance, ie:- the bringer is a regular clicker and has worked hard on the monster.

8) Links posted must show that the attackers/summoners have worked hard. Regular CTA's done to army recruit and sufficient damage done.

9) Members please only privately pm the admins if you have an issue or problem, please do not send them your monster links place them on the right topic.

10 )Members are not permitted to start new Topics. Any new Topics will be deleted automatically and without notice.

11) Make sure your link is a weapons assist one and not a direct attack link. We cant mail out attack links, this is a weapons assist group :)

12) No 'Tiny' or 'Bit' URL's are to be posted, these will automatically be deleted without notice.

13) 15. Post your monster in accordance with 'How To Make a Post'


14) Anyone that is seen repeatedly ignoring these rules risks being removed from the group.

15) Be polite, helpful and respect other members and the admins who are here to help you, also have fun on the monster logs :)

I'll give you my short guide:
1. post in the right forum section.
2. assist the received links.
3. bla-bla.. 1st and 2nd is important, you can read the rest above.

We were able to kill off hydras, etc. monsters by several clicks (siege weapons), give it a try ;)!

Lacko, aka. Archangel Gabriel

06-09-2010, 04:00 PM
(Bump) We're active & got an active Azriel for the group ;]!

06-23-2010, 01:55 PM
Bumpers, bumpety~bump!

08-10-2010, 08:38 AM
i want to know that dep start from assats ready to use or put to use

08-10-2010, 01:19 PM
I can't join your group!!! Help me!!!:((