View Full Version : Small group looking to grow...

04-30-2010, 03:01 AM
Җ Kenpachi Killers Җ is looking to reach 150 members. Currently have 40 daily players. Please read the info and join if you're interested.
(must be able to communicate in english but we do have a spanish speaking admin as well):cool:

A Castle Age group made for active players who want to battle monsters that are taken down quickly. We plan to do regular, timed, challenging, and down right outrageous events. If you think of it we'll do it..but with organization!

We are in no way mercenaries! So, you will have to look for another group if you want people to save you.

If you are a dedicated team player please apply:
1. Put in a request to join
2. Read the Rules on the discussion board First and sign them! If you don't sign them, you will be kicked out!
3. Have fun!