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09-28-2009, 01:15 PM

We are in search of more dragon slayers. We are currently in need of anybody that can summon green and blue dragons as people have been gaining experience so fast.

That said, anybody wishing to join is welcome. We try to keep a relatively full roster of scheduled dragons, and we enjoy the game from this aspect. For more information, check out the link below.

Dragon Slayers United

09-28-2009, 01:43 PM
Currently up to 174 active members in our group:

DSU is dedicated to smashing dragons in an organized, and united fashion. We have scheduled assaults to focus the group on specific dragon targets, we've burned a gold dragon down in less than 6 hours, and are on pace to beat that soon ;) We have specific threads of non-organized attacks on members dragons. If we don't have an official target up, you'll be sure to find plenty of dragon meat to roast in the unofficial threads! Unofficial Dragons: