View Full Version : Arena Begins March 24th! Sign up now!

03-23-2010, 02:38 AM
Arena begins on Wednesday, March 24th! Sign up for Arena (http://apps.facebook.com/castle_age/arena.php)now! Once sign-up is completed, you will be entered into the Arena on Wednesday, when the battle begins! You can also view the rewards of Arena here (http://apps.facebook.com/castle_age/arena_rank.php).

Minimum level to participate in Arena is level 80 so if you are not there yet, you still have time!

Arena Rules

- Win Battles on Arena Page to earn Arena Points
- Each Battle requires 5 Stamina
- Your character will be automatically healed periodically and summoned forth into battles, even if you are not logged on
- Your rank will be given to you at the end of each day
- Your rank is based on the number of Arena Points relative to all other Arena participants
- The higher your Opponent's Rank relative to yours, the more Arena Points you receive for winning
- Opponents of lower rank will yield fewer Arena Points per win and also result in more Arena Points lost per loss
- At the end of each day, you will be awarded a rank relative to all Arena participants
- Your current rank at the end of the Arena season will determine your final rank and your rewards
- You will receive rewards for your rank as well as all ranks below it

Rank 1 - Brawler (Top 81% - 100%)
Rank 2 - Swordsman (Top 61% - 80%)
Rank 3 - Warrior (Top 41% - 60%)
Rank 4 - Gladiator (Top 21% - 40%)
Rank 5 - Hero (Top 6% - 20%)
Rank 6 - Legend (Top 0% - 5%)

Note: Once you opt into the Arena, you will not be able to leave the Arena until the end of the season so please read the rules and disclaimer.

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