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12-15-2009, 07:11 AM
Yeah I know there's a sticky. But I have read it and I couldn't find the solution for my problem (either I'm stupid, blind or I'm actually having a problem). My friends can't see me on the "send gift" page, my name just isn't there. I have no gifts to accept (or at least I can't see any), and it's a shame I can't get any gifts.

Do you have a solution for me? :)

12-15-2009, 07:33 AM
He should have 2 list One for all friends and one for castle age friends. The all friends list is a list of friends who do not play castle age. The castle age list is the ones that do. After he selects the gify he wants to send he then has to select the castle age list.

Mike P.

12-15-2009, 08:15 AM
I'm not on either of those lists...
But that reminds me, when I press the "Castle Age friends only" button, it still shows all of my friends when I want to send a gift.

12-16-2009, 01:03 AM
You bring up an interesting point. Before the latest update, there were basically 3 lists: the Invite list, and both sides of the Send Gifts screen: All Friends and Castle Age Friends.

The Invite list used to have all of my family/friends (non-Castle Age) plus the people who accepted my friend request but were not yet in my army. The FR were sent to people who were fighting the same hydra as me, so I knew they played CA.

The Send Gifts tab has the All Friends which used to be the same as the Invites List...all of my non-Castle FB friends plus those who acccepted my FR. This basically represented all of my FB friends who were NOT in my army. The real difference was here I could send a gift instead of an invite where they got a random soldier for accepting.

The Castle Age Friends list contained (in theory) all of my army members eligible to receive a gift, meaning that there was no outstanding gift listed in the Sent Invites screen.

You used to be able to send out some FR and then send gifts to all the "new" people you found on your All Friends list. Sending the gift removed them from the All Friends list and put them in the Sent Invites list. When they accepted the gift, they appeared in the Castle Age Friends list. Subsequent gifts sent to someone on the Castle Age Friends list moved them to the Sent Invites list, and they came back when they accepted the gift.

Now things are a bit different. If you send a FR, the person still shows on the Invites list, but they no longer appear on the All Friends list under Send Gifts. Instead they are already on the Castle Age Friends list. Now I have to either write down the names or open 2 windows to get the name from the Invite list and send the gift from the Castle Age Friends list, which contains over 500 names. I know I could just send the Invite, but sending a gift is better in my opinion. Now I'm left wondering what the criteria is for the All Friends list. Also I am now finding Family/Friends in my Castle Age Friends list and they have never been in my army and I've never invited or sent gifts to them. So what is the criteria for that list?

Anyone have any ideas???