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Luciela Minerva
12-14-2009, 10:14 AM
Fine, I'm a fan of puns and wordplay. So sue me. :o

This guide will attempt to educate others about the pros and cons of favour points so that they would be better able to make informed choices as a consumer (well, sort of...) on where to spend their hard-earned favour points.

This guide was written with the intent to educate; not coerce nor force anyone into following any distinct styles of favour point spending. The choice for spending ultimately still lies with you, and you should be the best judge of where you allocate your resources to.

So without further ado...

==============:: FAQ ::==============

Qn 1: What are favour points?

Ans: Favour points (FPs) are in-game points/currencies that aids a player in Castle Age by allowing them to purchase items such as heroes, equipment, units and 'perishables' (such as refills) that are not normally offered for purchase.

Qn 2: So how exactly can I obtain this amazing Favour Point thingy?

Ans: FPs can be obtained through the following avenues:

(a) Buying favour points from the Oracle page with real world cash

(b) Killing monsters such as World Hydras, Keiras, Ravenmoores and Serpents. Not very sure if Dragons, Gildameshes and Colossuses (Colossi...?) drop them. They're not very common, though, and they drop pretty randomly. Depending on your damage done to the monster, the higher your damage, the more likely you are to receive favour points.

(c) Achieving Quest, Battle, Monster and Alchemy achievements. Reward points vary from 1FP to 30 FP. You can only be awarded for each achievement once.

Qn 3: Do I get any free points for nothing?

Ans: Yes, in fact, you do, but it's only once. Every player gets free 25 points at the beginning of their Castle Age journey.

Qn 4: Oh goody! Does this mean I can create multiple accounts to transfer points to my main?

Ans: Haha, nice try, but no. Firstly, items, points and cash are not transferable in-game. Not only that, having multiple accounts to give yourself an added benefit (such as gifting yourself items) is considered cheating and therefore prohibited. You can get banned for misusing accounts.

=========:: Spending your Favour Points ::=========

Full [type] refill: 10 favour points


[I]'Perishables' like these are extremely convenient because you save a lot of time as you don't have to wait hours for them to fully replenish.

Extremely useful if you have insanely high stamina/energy bars and if you're currently engaged in simultaneous monster hunts.

Extremely useful also if you are racing to kill off monsters that might not actually die within the stipulated time.

A good way to spend your money if you're a rich person and don't have anything to do with your money.

A good way to support the developers that you love by purchasing points from them with real cash.


'Perishables' such as these are considered as temporary boosts and they do not quite give you a permanent boost to your army, unlike a new hero or unit.

You might grow dependent on it for its convenience, and thus be further tempted to actually part with real money to boost yourself in-game

People with insanely high stamina/energy points usually log in once every few days because it's efficient for them- so if you're actually one of them, you might not find it to be of any use to you.

[ii] 3 extra army members: 20 favour points


Adds 3 people to your army that you will never lose, whereas facebook people can delete you and/or you can delete friends.

You can choose the Demi type of the first 3 people you wish to recruit into your army to get bonus demi point boosts for your desired God/Goddess whose blessings you wish to receive- thus giving you some semblance of control. This means that if your first 5 friends are Corvintheans, then you will get 25 extra demi points from Corvintheus (5 points/friend) when you pray to him. This means you are able to obtain Demi points up to 0.25% faster than normal.

People in mass add threads do not often say what Demi type they are (heck, I don't even know MY demi type...), so it's more or less pretty random what type you'd be getting if you add randomly.


You really don't need 3 phantom people to add to your army unless you're really hard up on army members because you can easily find people to add from the forums' various 'mass add threads'. They're a dime a dozen on Facebook 'slaying/elite' groups as well.

The last two points in the 'Pros' section only applies if you're a first time, fresh user with no friends because you are better able to control what type of demi-orientation you wish to have for the first few members. Totally useless if you have more than 5 friends.

I'm not very sure of this, but the 3 extra army members do not add on to the '501' maximum. Do correct me if I'm wrong!

[iii] A $x,xxx,xxx offer: 10 points


Strapped for cash and desperate because you *really* need to get that coveted Hero or Land? Well, 10 favour points for some cash should be able to cover you a little bit.


Money can be a little difficult to earn early in the game, but as you progress and fight monsters, you will realise that they drop free land.

Offer ratios are rather small- I'm not exactly sure how they calculate the offer, but my offer is currently 0.018% of my stored amount in the bank, and 4.1% my current income.

[iv] Name change: 10 points


Being stalked by some crazed murderer who wants your blood on his hands because he's always aiming for you in the battlefield? Or how about if you fancy yourself a shiny, brand new name to confuse and befuddle your friends? Part of an elite slaying group and wishing to change your name to include a tag (e.g. [CA Elite 501] Alica)? You would definitely find it useful to invest in a new name.

You can change your name as often as you want, provided you have 10 FP each time.

Not every FB game has such a function for such a low price!


Can't really think of any, because this is an offer based on necessity. If you don't need it, you don't buy it. Simple as that.

[v] Buying a new monthly general: 25-30 points each

Generals/Units/Magic/Etc. change about once every month, and it is best to do your homework on the type of benefits each general gives. Someone,somewhere will ALWAYS be the first to purchase something when it's released. Always check the forums!


Your choices are definite as opposed to buying Treasure boxes, which are randomized.

Your choices are permanent and you can keep them forever (well, until the game has been discontinued, at least).


Such items are monthly releases, so if you buy one in December, there might be a chance that the one in January might be better. Or worse still, you buy the one in January and realise that the ones in November and December were way better. FYL.

As opposed to the Treasure boxes that give you a chance to be rewarded with a very powerful Hero or unit, your choices that are offered monthly so far appear to be rather dismal in stats, and more or less equivalent in value to in-game drops.

[vi] Buying a Treasure chest: 20 - 80 points each

There are two distinct types of treasure chests- Alpha and Vanguard.

Alpha chests start at 20FP for one and 55 FP for a bundle of 3.
Vanguard chests start at 30FP for one and 80FP for a bundle of 3.


Alpha chests are cheaper (you save 10-35 FP points in total) than Vanguards

Alpha chests have the capability of dropping Mephistopheles, the most worthwhile Hero for invaders (Att/Def: 27/23; Army limit incr. to 541 when lv maxed)

Vanguard chests have the capability of dropping Malekus, the most worthwhile Hero for duellists (Att/Def 31/21; Player att increases 0.45% for every hero when Lv. maxed)

Vanguard chests have a higher chance of obtaining common and uncommon items that cannot be obtained through monster loot drops.

Probability wise, Vanguard chests are more worth it in the long run.

Chests have the probability to drop items that cannot otherwise be found in game via battling monsters.


Vanguard chests are more expensive than Alphas

Alpha chests have a higher chance of obtaining items common and uncommon that can otherwise be obtained through monster loot drops

Item drops are randomized and epic drops go as low as having a 5% chance as opposed to buying a monthly Hero/Item, thus they're quite the gamble, and a lot of items are not as good as the monthly hero's.

Luciela Minerva
12-14-2009, 10:14 AM
Reserving this post for an update log~

12-14-2009, 01:23 PM
One more for the cons on Vanguard chests:

If you're an invader, one weapon with good stats from the Vanguard chest won't make much of a difference to you. Would take a lot of FPs to get enough to support your army's needs. If you're a dueler, the demi-gods have better items than the Vanguard chest items, and no FPs are needed. Only the generals would be useful in that case.

12-14-2009, 04:06 PM
3 points
about the praying: its only 1 pt per extra player for the first 5 players (2 for azeron as his count as 2), for a max of 105 per prayer (210 for AZ)

about the starting fp: u start the game w/ 20, not 25.

I can confirm that dragons DO drop FP.

12-14-2009, 04:21 PM
I think the plural of Colossus is Colossi....

Just like the plural of Lexus is Lexi.....:D:D:D

12-14-2009, 04:27 PM
On a more serious note...

Question just occurred to me. Anyone got a chart with the % chance of getting a hero (any hero) from the Alpha and Vanguard chest?

And how much the chance of getting one increases or decreases with each Hero already obtained?

Since the total number of heroes is different for the 2 chests, the chances of getting a hero should be different right?

12-14-2009, 05:00 PM
Pretty sure the game uses the stateside spelling of Favor.
New users start with 20FP.
The difference between 3x Alpha and 3x Van is 25, not 35.
The guide is somewhat misleading. You shouldn't really be trying to find pros for options which should absolutely never be utilized, such as the money offer (and to a lesser degree the monthly item, which is almost never useful).

@matchII one moment and I'll repost math I did in another FP thread regarding likelihood of getting a general from each kind of chest.

12-14-2009, 05:02 PM
On a more serious note...

Question just occurred to me. Anyone got a chart with the % chance of getting a hero (any hero) from the Alpha and Vanguard chest?

And how much the chance of getting one increases or decreases with each Hero already obtained?

Since the total number of heroes is different for the 2 chests, the chances of getting a hero should be different right?

The chance of getting a hero in an alpha chest is 30%, and in a vanguard chest is about 29%.

The chance of getting a specific hero (or a specific whatever) is about 4.53% for a common, 3.75% uncommon, 1.25% (Alpha) / 2.5% (Vanguard) rare , 1.25% epic).

The chance remains about the same, since when you get a duplicate hero you get your FPs back (at least that's what is written, I never tried).

12-14-2009, 05:28 PM
Alpha Treasure Chest
Epic Generals - 4/4 * 5% = 5% (1.25% chance each)
Rare Generals - 3/8 * 10% = 3.75% (1.25% chance each)
Uncommon Generals - 2/8 * 30% = 7.5% (3.75% chance each)
Common Generals - 3/12 * 55% = 13.75% (~4.583% chance each)
Vanguard Treasure Chest
Epic Generals - 4/4 * 5% = 5% (1.25% chance each)
Rare Generals - 3/4 * 10% = 7.5% (2.5% chance each)
Uncommon Generals - 2/8 * 30% = 7.5% (3.75% chance each)
Common Generals - 2/12 * 55% = ~9.167% (~4.583% chance each)

All told, this is a 30% chance of getting a general on Alpha, with a 65.7% chance of getting at least one within 3 chests, and a ~29.167% (29.16 exactly) chance for Vanguard, with ~64.46% chance of at least one within 3 chests. Interestingly, the chance of getting a specific Epic General is as high as a specific Rare General on Alpha, thanks to the low level of saturation among rares. Vanguard has one less general, but also four less results in total, mitigating the decrease in percentage from having fewer generals. To figure out the chance of getting a new general when you already have one or more, subtract the current general's chances BOTH from the chance the get a general AND from 100% (since if you hit that roll you get the FP back.) For instance, if I'm going for an Alpha chest and already have Orc King, Tifanna and Artanis, those add up to .09583, so my total chance for a new general is .20417 / .90417 = 22.58%. Note that this percentage is a higher per-chest percentage when purchasing 3 at a time as you only spend (as an example) 18.333 FP for the Alpha chest but still receive a return of 20 FP if you roll a general you already have. So the more generals you already have, the more important it is to save up FP and purchase 3 chests at once, whereas earlier in the game it makes some sense to purchase one at a time, as the immediate impact of the item received may have a greater long-term value than the 1.667 FP wasted (Alpha) or 3.334 FP wasted (Vanguard) by not saving up.

Hopefully that's a comprehensive enough overview. Please PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


Cajus Gades
12-14-2009, 05:41 PM
You could mention the Orc King as a benefit of the Alpha chests. His usefulness against Serpents is worth a nod.

Sophia Dragonhunter
12-14-2009, 07:32 PM
Con to name change: your Castler Age ID remains the same, so it won't prevent attackers from bookmarking you.

Arctic Wolf
12-14-2009, 07:39 PM
Con to name change: your Castler Age ID remains the same, so it won't prevent attackers from bookmarking you.

Altho it might confuse them lol ;)

12-14-2009, 09:45 PM
you could change it to their name, or perhaps some abuse

12-14-2009, 10:33 PM
That was a beautiful answer!
A+ :)

12-16-2009, 12:31 AM
You state "Not sure if Dragons etc. Give favor points" I can confirm that Dragons do, in fact, give favor points when defeated. I got 2 from a gold last night.