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12-04-2009, 02:43 PM
Nymph's Champions is a Monster fighting group dedicated to having a good strong team that works together, takes turns summoning monsters with their fellow members, follows the rules set in place to make it fair and easy for all, and (the most important thing) have as much fun killing monsters and getting as much loot as possible ...

Our Current Monster Schedule is ...
Sundays and Wednesdays are Emerald Dragon Days.
(Emerald dragons will be provided by the Emerald Dragon Coordinator for all of Nymph’s Champions.)

Mondays and Thursdays are Boss Days.
(We will be summoning a few Keiras and Lotus for all of Nymph’s Champions)

Tuesdays And Saturdays are Hydra Days.
(A Hydra will be provided by the Hydra Coordinator for all of Nymph’s Champions.)

Friday will have no special monsters being summoned.

If you think that Nymph's Champions is the group for you feel free to Check out Our Wiki (http://nymphschampions.wikidot.com/) ... We would be happy to have you!!!!!!