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  1. Quick Guide to Dominion
  2. Dominion Energy Bonus
  3. Castle age wiki update
  4. Buying FP Generals in CA iOS question
  5. Cartigan Bug?
  6. Spamming Cefka
  7. Is auto collect turned off for HvH
  8. Achievements - post your milestones
  9. Sahar, dolomar and barbarus stucked at lvl 54. Can I level Sano for quest?
  10. FB link from Keep Link
  11. Equipment Question
  12. dukes bone blade? good or bad buy it or not
  13. IOS Guilds
  14. Monster Resistance Question
  15. Who is Count Malek? Inquireing minds have a right to know.........
  16. Kesseran and his legendary drops.
  17. Help how does anyone farm 20 Astaroth blade and 92 fanglaive and 20 mithril guardian
  18. A Tale of 2 Armours
  19. Unable to join Guild Battles once started 10v10 100v100
  20. Alchemy for Leon Ironhart
  21. Worth hitting Phantom mobs ? Other than doing those 5 1m dmg for achievements.
  22. PVP General Alliance Jera/ Annika / Remiel Monster Alliance Sahar/Dolomar/bar ?
  23. Invasion increased by linked generals?
  24. Generals used by AV idols and AV noobs in Arena X. Which is the more preferred one?
  25. Show me a loadout with 400+ Physical Resistance
  26. Wiki Help Needed: Orc Band vs. Orc Horde vs. Orc Host
  27. Arena X last week: some advices for "pvp weak" builds (mostly for beginners)
  28. Does Muse scale with level?
  29. Hero Tier Table?
  30. My Noob Strategy for Arena X for beginners and how to win some battles.
  31. Can we have a "need monster " thread ?
  32. Questions regarding Pierce and Resistance as observed from this arena X
  33. 1 Legendary Mine At A Time
  34. rune question
  35. Should non-spenders (or almost non spenders) go for Aetherfury, Helm of Zeus...?
  36. Sahar vs Zaverok
  37. Alliance combo
  38. Just to confirm Neo Alysstra's ability adds a % of DP to General atk or raw atk?
  39. A friend is wondering how to play this game.
  40. How to obtain Sorkan Dragonform claw?
  41. Orc's; Myth or Real
  42. Two choices one pick
  43. Minion Qn
  44. where to go from this point?
  45. Campaign Question
  46. Squad 10 Battle just turning the screen black when I do an action
  47. Intimidate Damage received
  48. Kaylen equipment
  49. Divine Power number doesn't update [why by Remiel if DP is broken?]
  50. acquiring chaos shard
  51. Which chest is best to open if my goal is to get IA
  52. Sentinel ability in castle age
  53. Dominus, good bad or ugly?
  54. Questions on BIS for a F2P player.
  55. Basic IA
  56. Best defensive builder for non pvper?
  57. iOS App feature question
  58. Chaos Promo
  59. Main General Setting Help
  60. Calculating average monsters required based on drop probability
  61. New General for MH suggestions
  62. Can aurelius and Jahanna be linked?
  63. Damage growth in "Meekah" with the use of rune damage
  64. hero potions
  65. Guildl conquest monster tiers
  66. Advice on which General to level.
  67. which amulet to use for low level player
  68. Help! Aspect of Death Not Appearing on my public Monster List!
  69. Help! Stormbinder Item Archive - valhalla
  70. Campaign Point Retrieval Time Limit
  71. War council
  72. Help: Should I continue valhalla at 70m+ or move on to corvin? Here is my IA
  73. Item + Gem(s) help needed
  74. Help! What if a group of low lvls are zeroing the party health of the mob ?
  75. Questions Regarding Enrage
  76. Dominion: Should I max the energy boost bar?
  77. Help: Bug! Hit last xx mobs at legendary dmg! No FP!
  78. What does a Wall do when their Evalice is maxed out?
  79. Player Chaining By Bookmarking, Scripting.......Possibly Biggest "
  80. What item should i get after Rat Glove?
  81. Any good ways to farm hero crystals?
  82. Which weapon is better for MH and PVP?
  83. 3-12-17. Is the public list frozen?
  84. How Do You Promote A General Passed 5 Star And So On
  85. Clarification on chaos gems forging
  86. Direction on where to take this character. defensive/MH hybrid
  87. Anyone knows the accurate formula for duel and invasion?
  88. Guardian Path Credit: Random Factor
  89. Why are the essence silos draining?
  90. Help on 3 oracle generals to purchase for bouncing others.
  91. How are my stats so far
  92. XP potions
  93. What monsters drop essence
  94. Gaining points for different conquest paths
  95. Heal the Gate in LOM?
  96. Forge
  97. Class for guild battle or Conquest Earth defense
  98. Hero potions
  99. Monster battle question
  100. Updated Guides
  101. Guild battle class
  102. Guild battle question
  103. Do shadow orbs show on the equipment list?
  104. Guild Battles Question
  105. Energy Use?
  106. Need Help with My Parking alliance
  107. Clearing guild announcements
  108. Need advice for cleric
  109. Rogue Generals
  110. Green Crystals through excavation quests....
  111. Secondary targets achievement
  112. How do you go about contacting the Devs if not on the Forum?
  113. Crit chance build
  114. Getting Gold for thanatos of fire and ice
  115. Hunter Path Question
  116. Cronus Astaroth Help!
  117. Question about gear in alchemy
  118. What generals to buy after getting sahar , bar and dolomar to 5 star?
  119. Promoting generals...how to get duplicate quest/chest generals/heroes?
  120. Chaos gems help requested:
  121. Aurora at castle age wiki
  122. Hyacinth
  123. Slow Leveling Question
  124. Mithril Guardian or Flamebound
  125. Questions about general alliance
  126. Energy Refill problem
  127. Any idea which mob drops the most gold meteorites?
  128. Difference between level 79 n 80 barbarus 5 star
  129. Specific Monster Achievement
  130. Linking and unlinking a stronger unrelated general from alliance
  131. rune question
  132. Chaos Gems - possible rolls and suggestions
  133. How to get the most Monster damage?
  134. A metagame Question: Earth vs Water Pierce
  135. A metagame Question: Earth vs Physical
  136. Forging my Gems
  137. Question about my build
  138. supercharged wall in 100v?
  139. 10% equipment bonus
  140. Question about Oracle and promoting to max
  141. Does Pierce/Resistance in equipment add to Monster Hunting?
  142. I could use some help as well as a guild
  143. Does attack/defense rune add to edefense/eattack? Vetted?
  144. 33 Million Damage done, no reward when collecting
  145. Cost benefit analysis
  146. Another reason why I hate LoM Conquest
  147. Is crit % fine for everyone else?
  148. 200 Stamina Attack Button
  149. M o n k e y K i n g v s B a r b a r u s
  150. Points to Unlock Everything in Path
  151. Can someone tell me the best hero for critical % chance?
  152. Best alliance for monster hunting & related questions
  153. about copter
  154. Why opponent take more damage when I use attack layout?
  155. 100v100 Reward Question
  156. Help on BIS Equipment and General 2017 for MH and Arena Glass Cannon!
  157. Different level categories of Arena
  158. Help on General Alliance Math for Layla
  159. Learning Castle Age
  160. how to hasten mithril in Guardian path if LOE defense is on tue and thursday?
  161. is an elemental pierce the same as negative resistance in monsters?
  162. Dawn 6 star Question!
  163. Does it make sense to level up Nax the Blighted
  164. Maths on Rats. Seek advice.
  165. Things to do in Castle Age [Guide]
  166. Strategies on farming Phantom Shadow (public)
  167. Question when hitting Chromus!
  168. Question on Engineer path strategy.
  169. How does one achieve the 500 physical pierce on Remiel?
  170. Question about war banner obtained from last Arena
  171. Guild changing? What is lost?
  172. Hero Potions
  173. Best Defensive alliance
  174. Hunter Bonus Point Question
  175. Battle Duel Champion Question?
  176. healing in guild battles
  177. Best general for invading
  178. Chaos Gems and their Powers in wiki
  179. Advice for choosing general
  180. General Alliance Question
  181. Defense or Health?
  182. Here is how the Territories XP bonus works
  183. monsters in CA?
  184. How to solve this problem: Having 2 million essences
  185. Advice on Monster Hunting Alliance
  186. What is the upper limit on the energy potion that gives 10 energy?
  187. Phantom of Fire Chaos Orb
  188. Decimal point with hera in resistance
  189. 4 Star odin vs 6 star Guinevere at lvl 79 which has more phy pierce?
  190. 200 LOE tokens campaign hard!
  191. Toon Age
  192. Bars in Stance Monsters
  193. Nax the blighted question
  194. Help: Is it worth it to complete the Invade kill and get chained for the next 10 year
  195. What is the highest monster attack breakpoint value?
  196. Higher Attack and Defense or lower but better defensive generals?
  197. Monkeh's General studies
  198. Formula for confusing the opponent!
  199. Making sense of Damages in GB
  200. What are the different categories for Jr arena and arena pre 200!
  201. Time Limits in Summoning
  202. Basic question: Why can't I forge this gem?
  203. Does Anyone Know How To Heal Them Self When They Are Stunned?
  204. Rare Defensive Crystal Of Protection - What Am I Missing?
  205. Defensive equipment from Chromus not showing / working?
  206. Neo Alystra
  207. Hero Vincent
  208. Cripple ability
  209. Siege works only on Main?
  210. Dependence of rune being equipped on general ability
  211. Saving LoM monster link to collect later & interaction with Ouroboros spawning
  212. Is using Edea still a viable thing?
  213. Salvaging lands in LoM
  214. Weapon choice - which to go with given my build etc.
  215. Celesta or Petrus the Elusive?
  216. Physical Piercing - Adding damage?
  217. Lost
  218. Chaos gems: full campaign vs tasks only
  219. Meteorite & similar events: Stamina & Energy hits - Strategy
  220. Monkey king in monster hunting alliance
  221. Anyone using Thane?
  222. Matchmaking unavailable at the moment, please try again later.
  223. Need Help
  224. BIS equipment - Best gear for Monster Hunting & PvP
  225. Anyone Else Having Trouble?
  226. War Counsel
  227. Demi Points
  228. What is the Promotion Orb?
  229. how do we get generals to 6 or 7 stars
  230. Arena XI Trade Essense bonus
  231. Cheapest GB class?
  232. Stance vs Resistance
  233. Helm of Dragon Powah
  234. question about runes
  235. Just created Legendary Offensive Gem, but it is not in my inventory
  236. what to hunt? Legendaries - after a 5 year break
  237. Vampire Power
  238. IA Excel checklist
  239. Powerleveling / High LSI / Monster Hunter build guide
  240. Suggestions for my build (Back after couple of years - Started 2 months ago)
  241. Chaos Campaigns - Which tasks do you skip?
  242. Colosseum Build?
  243. Monster Hunting Generals - New wiki article
  244. Discussions and my thoughts on Battle Strategies for LSI build
  245. spending energy
  246. Guild Battle Classes & their use nowadays
  247. Any reason to use the Rogue class over the Warrior class?
  248. How to raise splash?
  249. Be a calculating monster hunter!
  250. LoM question