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  1. Thinking about buying maalvus
  2. Possible Issue/bug with Item Archive [not a bug]
  3. Guild rewards-Vincent
  4. Army Code
  5. General Alliance Help
  6. LF advice: Living Death or Duke's Bone Blade?
  7. Different toons on iOS and FB - How to fix?
  8. Epics from Rats
  9. Thoughts on Promotions
  10. Multiple generals of the same person?
  11. Whats more useful, assn greaves or war bringer greaves?
  12. Ambush vs Poison; Pros and Cons?
  13. Looking for advice on MH gen alliance - Thanks
  14. Mage Passive Ability
  15. Leveling up guild question
  16. Astaroth --- General type correlation to drops?
  17. runes forging
  18. Damage rune Daphne and Tora
  19. Guild Conquest Maximum Level?
  20. Mist monsters: do they count towards achievements?
  21. Tavern guide needed
  22. Looking for advice on which monster(s) to hunt next
  23. Mage passive splash formula
  24. Valhalla group
  25. LoE tagging vs Battle
  26. Thanatos vs Astorath vs Rats
  27. Old iphone account - is it possible to change guilds?
  28. Slots!!!!???
  29. What STATS , when (equipment prioritising)
  30. Conquest Collect Medal Question
  31. Questions about General Alliance
  32. War & Invade questiion
  33. Covered in Smoke?
  34. Someone explain this to me (Polyfuse vs Hitting)
  35. LoM battle confusion
  36. KItsune general
  37. critical hits
  38. territories
  39. Abomination slime minnions
  40. essence trading bonus
  41. Double Slotted Weapon Question
  42. question for gold medal or fast kill requirement
  43. Forging runes and gems
  44. When does Meekah's bonus dmg disappear (besides being defeat)?
  45. 10% bonus on linked general
  46. Contribution Points
  47. Piercing/Resistances vs Players
  48. Anything new to unlock after level 500?
  49. Clerics revive themselves then heal their entire squad to take the win
  50. 100v100 cheating?
  51. Private monsters not private??
  52. I dont understand how the Hunter path works.
  53. Starting CA after Vargulis (May 2015)
  54. Flamebound Halberd or Elite Warbringer Longblade?
  55. BSI-LSI formula change?
  56. Question about Promo
  57. How do I Increase Stance without Guild
  58. Deathgauntlet or Deathmantle?
  59. Does Dawn's passive healing ability increases upon leveling after level 5?
  60. Barbarus/Maalvus alliance question (more important than it sounds)
  61. Is there such a thing as enough stamina?
  62. Thantos Fire & Ice update
  63. Alchemy
  64. how do generals get stars
  65. Selecting General for Conquest Duel/ Invade??
  66. Is it possible to still get Cartigan?
  67. .....is too high level to join this guild! Try joining another guild!
  68. elemental gems
  69. being cursed daily @ 95%
  70. 5 star level 80 annika
  71. Quest progression - why?
  72. Stack of Physical REsistance
  73. Legendary Item Forging
  74. High LSI build help
  75. Can we still get Chase outside of 100v100 Rewards?
  76. Whirlwind and things that reduce it?
  77. Physical Resistance For Duel, But What About For War?
  78. help please
  79. Can 5-Star Generals exceed their level 80 abilities?
  80. How does Guild Battle matchmaking work?
  81. elite guard
  82. Clasic Heal: Does it intefere when Mass Healing?
  83. Loadout setup strategies/suggestions/recommendations
  84. Damage taken on Critical Hits?
  85. LOM qn
  86. what's the best alliance for raziel the silent?
  87. Elemental Resistance loadouts
  88. Equipment and bonuses
  89. Promo Frequency
  90. Two token attacks nerfed?
  91. Vermilion the Tyrant (Is it still worth the hunt?)
  92. Musings on pierce/resist, EAtk/EDef, Enrage/DF
  93. Best Defensive/offensive General ALliance
  94. New defensive banner
  95. Baal
  96. Maximum # of Mithril Medals needed.
  97. Indistinguishable defenders
  98. Why I am losing all Conquest Duels ?
  99. Why are MY teams in 10v10 are being (mis)matched and only get 5 essence EVERY battle?
  100. elemental weakenses
  101. Is there a cap on Full Potions?
  102. How Do You Turn Your FaceBook Profile Into A IOS Game Profile
  103. Health Essence
  104. Conquest duel general
  105. Repeat poly?
  106. question about generals
  107. new look duel format (FB and web 3/4)- killshots?
  108. Do clerics need a buff in 10v10 to be competitive (or/o Am I just playing them wrong?
  109. Healing in Land of Mist, penetration better than defence!?
  110. Does the Health to Stat ability of generals stack?
  111. I'm curious. What does a forum user see if someone on his ignore list posts a ...
  112. Conquest Duel troubles...
  113. More Class Powers...?
  114. Advice required for slotting
  115. Question about attacking monsters with a Critical general or a Damage one
  116. Fastest way to level a class, for the 5 power slots?
  117. Aesir's leveling speed
  118. Advice on how to spend Favor Points
  119. Monster Slayer wannabe - needs advice from "big guys"
  120. weapon stats vs pierce?
  121. 10v10 Platinum with Gold level?
  122. Quitted many years ago, came back and discovered my Rank was 0
  123. Advice and Help needed for returned player
  124. Sahar or Sorkan?
  125. Alliance
  126. The "Energy to TWO thousand, Stamina to ONE thousand" Rule
  127. Stam spent on minions in conquest
  128. TSI question
  129. War of the Red Plains: is it worth it?
  130. Festival duel broken
  131. Mage splash and Heal amplifiers?
  132. health run @ mass heal
  133. Isidra Hero Equipment - 3rd Item Kingsguard Plate
  134. Off Hand weapon for defense.
  135. Do Boss Orbs not get consumed anymore?
  136. How does a nonmember post in the Castle Age chat?
  137. Kessaran in wiki needs updating
  138. Scourge general
  139. How do we find the army code
  140. change the general in Conquest Duels? Peturus the Elusive is a pain in the back side
  141. 2016 My Divine Item farming path thanks to help from everyone on this forum.
  142. A few questions regarding Guild Battles/ PvP
  143. LOE Battles and XP
  144. At higher guild levels are more lands available at one time from monster hunting?
  145. BSI, LSI, TSI Formula Help
  146. How to report payment problem through web3?
  147. Coming back to the game
  148. What would you do if the monster you are hunting isnt dropping the loot you want?
  149. Ouroboros Loot Data
  150. Guardian & Heal
  151. Is there a limit to the amount of FP one can gain per day?
  152. Is Sahar 5 star level 54 enough to get Atk above 4k ? Below is my calculation
  153. iPhone favor general purchase
  154. Cronus Astaroth - disproportionate legendary drops red and blue vials
  155. Someone brought Abomination's party health to 0. What should one do?
  156. Water Elemental for IA - Help!
  157. Clerics in Conquest Mist Land
  158. Worm becomes Guild priority monster ??
  159. My Item Archive Hunting please help me to see if I missed anything
  160. Barbarus damage bonus "charge"
  161. Advice needed on effective monster hunting alliance
  162. Question on Conquest Duel
  163. Favor Point per Stamina rate
  164. Flame invokers
  165. Quick question about LoE battle schedules.
  166. How do you open large amounts of space for your trade market?
  167. Duel Champion matchup
  168. Between Astaroth Blade and Elite Dragonslayer
  169. Sunder
  170. Banners and forge
  171. Help! My Castle Age screen went Black!
  172. Help! LightBringer and Water Elemental 0 for last 3 months for IA
  173. Shout and leadership
  174. Sameal in LoM
  175. Health Tankis
  176. 0 guild coins on collect???
  177. kobo for iphone
  178. Unriddle me this please- Shalazar's Mantle wrt Verm Grasp in context of Catalysts
  179. Help! How to get 400 pierce? Any strategy or guide?
  180. Divine Power path and problem with Abomination
  181. Gear Progression
  182. Guide: Slow Kill Groups
  183. chaos gems..do they get lost upon salvaging an item?
  184. hero crystals...is there a way to get one more often than once per day?
  185. New ability or hack? unable to ww an active player in 100v100
  186. war council
  187. no red crystals dropping
  188. Quick Orc Qns
  189. Annihilator chest unlock?
  190. Advice on new General needed
  191. Duel and Invade not working for me in Normal Campaign
  192. Corvintheus General artwork changed???
  193. 10V squad rankings
  194. New chest level requirements?
  195. Questions about lumber and iron
  196. Help building up conqueror points
  197. Public List Rats
  198. Best chests to increase item archive?
  199. A few questions about some generals
  200. Questions on leaving and entering guilds
  201. How long to get warbring longblade?
  202. Does Caine work in a Barbarus/Kaiser/Caine alliance?
  203. Can we stop bully?
  204. Campaign demi points
  205. Purchasing missed promo packs?
  206. IA/Piercing/Divine hunting
  207. What is the point to farming the Battle of the Dark Legion...?
  208. Bloody resistences of hell
  209. Shield decision
  210. What to spend my $4.3 trillion on?
  211. Warrior's Confidence - Guild Monsters
  212. How much Stamina to use each attack?
  213. equipment and general alliance
  214. Shard to Goal Ratio
  215. Campaign - 5% damage question
  216. Elemental tower
  217. Guardian path points
  218. Guild requests
  219. Muse / Alexandria alliance help
  220. In depth advice
  221. How much stamina is needed to do 52m on corvintheus in 1 try and 103m on Cronus Astar
  222. Tripping, blue orb, clicks with nothing happening in battles
  223. Ouroboros?
  224. Getting balanced potions as a low level pvp build?
  225. What is the monster atk above breakpoint such that 10 stamina yield 200k dmg ?
  226. First FP General?
  227. Raising Max Hero Levels?
  228. Best Chest For Rolls?
  229. Q: Attack Stat & Monster Damage
  230. Finding out Health of Opponents in Battle
  231. Two chaos gems on one item
  232. Where to post my question
  233. Annika or Jera?
  234. Helm of the Dragon-King
  235. New guild - need advice
  236. My BIS Strategy List! Excludes Legendary Alchemy
  237. DP Farming Advice
  238. General Levelling
  239. Is farming Chromus for that 1 slot warbanner worth it?
  240. Lions rebellion hunts / where are they ?
  241. Help! List of monsters to farm for Attack Essence
  242. 2 similar accounts but different results
  243. How do new characters earn stamina potions?
  244. Help with Conquest Duel Rewards!
  245. Orc King general is it worth getting it? and on average how much fp for it?
  246. General Stats & Equipment Stats in MH
  247. Question on Conquest Rank!
  248. Can't do PvP anymore with a level 19 player
  249. Monster Healing
  250. Monster Damage Question