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  1. iPhone access problem
  2. iPhone/iPad playing
  3. Mobile section...
  4. Bugs, where do we put them?
  5. Question about iphone app
  6. iPhone FP Offer
  7. CA on iTouch = 1/2 of what is shown
  8. Cant accept add army requests
  9. Guild Battle Starts
  10. Castle age for the ipod
  11. Stat resets
  12. Power Stone for Might
  13. Favor points bought on iPhone but never came?
  14. Duell and primary Weapon
  15. Obsidian Sword I own 80 but only fight with 38?
  16. Guild war
  17. Quest: The Forbidden Ritual
  18. Missing monster
  19. Got gold status ancient serpent but no stat points
  20. Castle Age for iPod not working.
  21. Weird notifications
  22. Eh like white screen and blue swirly arena?
  23. arena III all i get is circle of doom
  24. CA ate my 40 stamina for arena battle
  25. What?? Time reversal in Arena 3??
  26. You owe me five favour points
  27. Favor points taken no refill granted
  28. Favor points
  29. Arena Re-inforcements gone!! WTH?
  30. Why? i not up to special bonus 'Arena III'
  31. Battle Arena
  32. CA won't load
  33. lost FPs
  34. Favor Points
  35. why i can join battle in arena???
  36. FP Problem.
  37. iphone app not working after update
  38. Castle Age 1.03 released
  39. where is my helm?
  40. My email won't sync
  41. always the same loot!
  42. "Special Area" E Mail message
  43. No longer see the Giant Arachnid from iPad
  44. Missing Loots
  45. Constant Loading
  46. missing invasion total
  47. Problem joining a Guild
  48. Anyone else having issues with the iPhone/iPod app??
  49. energy points loss on Iphone App
  50. Guild Battle Glitch?
  51. Hey People?
  52. Guild Battle
  53. iPhone app able to access Festival?
  54. Iphone FP Purchase - Fail
  55. Castle Age Down
  56. Can't Enter Festival Guild Battle
  57. Need Help!
  58. Resurrected/Respawned Bahamut Dragon
  59. Cannot load CA
  60. completed slay 25 dragons
  61. Bad Experience Point Gains
  62. I made a guild but it's gone now what?
  63. gifts disappearing
  64. can't enter festival battles.
  65. Could not join Guild
  66. Can't Get into Guild
  67. Monsters in Festival won't summon
  68. Guild page down/broken/whitescreen
  69. castle age not accepting any new gifts
  70. Error!!!
  71. Maalvus turns into Strider on IPhone App
  72. Repeat hitter
  73. Problem with festival feat, didn't get skill points...
  74. iphone app not current with FB?
  75. juggernaut medallion
  76. lost 10 FPS
  77. New Gen Monsters - can't join the battle
  78. Our guild can't collect our festival battle points today
  79. No options to attack monster
  80. have you get same problem
  81. Castle Age iPhone App
  82. master and apprentice?
  83. Do the devs even read this forum???
  84. Slow slow sloooooooow!!!!!!!
  85. Castle Age app for iPod / iPhone bugs
  86. Can't Retain Experience for Maalvus
  87. Lost 30 favor points!! Ridicule bug!!
  88. Missing FPs not credited
  89. Smartphone not recognising guild battle links
  90. iPhone safari problems
  91. CA now broken on samsung galaxy tab help?
  92. Friend has no Guild Master access after long illness
  93. Missing Favor Points?
  94. Cannot Access from mobile
  95. link iphone login to facebook account
  96. CA friend list
  97. Battle Problems
  98. Can not attack Serpents on iPhone app with iPhone-based character.
  99. iOS login and FB Login ??
  100. Missing Favour Points
  101. Kobo rolls x 8
  102. Wrong stamina/energy loss
  103. I'm guessing that the devs just rolled out a new update
  104. Page ISSUES
  105. Festival games
  106. More Gifts Button not working
  107. Elite Guard problem
  108. iPhone castle age - accidental favor point usage
  109. thread for reporting/fixing bugs for cell phone users
  110. friend in guld that stuck
  111. Festival Games on iphone app
  112. Web 3 link hacked developers please help
  113. why no update for IPhone App
  114. Update?
  115. Name change
  116. new gift window
  117. buying fp
  118. Heart of Darkness - SmartPhone app
  119. stamina gifts not working
  120. Help Switched phones
  121. is i dumb :(
  122. I have lost my attack points
  123. guild point purchase error
  124. Festival dueling
  125. iPhone app glitch
  126. Castle HoD treasury bug
  127. Atlantis on Iphone
  128. iPhone access is down
  129. Cannot do quests
  130. Can't access game on iphone
  131. Half Pages, all browsers
  132. Castle Age Loading
  133. Unable to Get into new Arena Battles
  134. Version 1.06 will not connect to my existing character
  135. Skill point upgrades not transferring from iOS app
  136. Skill points not converting after 11/1/2011 upgrade
  137. Skill points missing
  138. Skill. Points not updating reporting no skill point available in error
  139. same boat missing skill points.
  140. Festival guild battle doesn't work
  141. Error: Your login request looks to be invalid...
  142. Gifting issues
  143. PA buttons on serpent are wrong
  144. Mozilla browser on Nokia N900 issue?... or else...
  145. Recharge Alerts
  146. iPhone app
  147. iphone app missing current monsters
  148. Unable to get to guild battles via iOS
  149. Issues with monster battles
  150. Cefka returns wat
  151. Ca App for Iphone is not working correctly
  152. icons
  153. When are they fixing iPhone App???
  154. Same 2 opponents in Battle Feed
  155. Energy loss
  156. Guild Conquest Monsters
  157. We need an update
  158. CA Name Change
  159. Name change
  160. Atlantis Quests
  161. Monster Call to Arms
  162. Demi Prayer is out of synch in App
  163. Public Monster List is empty?!?!
  164. iPhone app thinks I am a new player
  165. Iphone Kromash missing Heal buttons
  166. CA iPhone app not synch/upload attack and defense skill points
  167. Demi-quest
  168. Can't buy magic
  169. New Castle Age HD Attacking Monster Issue...
  170. Stats still showing incorrectly
  171. New iPhone app problem
  172. What/Where is Valeria?
  173. Where's the Guild Battle?
  174. Festival tower monsters and reg guild battle
  175. Battle bug, something is not recording properly...
  176. Guild created in mobile: No officer
  177. no favor points.
  178. missing items
  179. Cant open the app
  180. App cannot login FB
  181. iPhone Sub-Menu buttons don't work
  182. i phone 4 s white screen
  183. Can no longer access CA from Safari on iPhone...
  184. Guild missing members
  185. How to submit a support ticket through iOS (contact the devs)
  186. Android
  187. Lagged and ended up using 10 FP on wtf "Oracle Heal Hp"
  188. Facebook error message?
  189. Vincent summoned cant get to battle
  190. Some Alchemy Gift Requests
  191. Deleting posts on my wall
  192. App Glitch - Chat Box in Guild Battle
  193. Dragon Eggs not being requested from Summoning page
  194. where are the Demi Quests ???
  195. Missing Achievement -or- gimme my FPs!
  196. Guild max levels
  197. Broken private messaging - New Update
  198. Missing Stamina
  199. My account is stuck..
  200. Have festival badge for alpha equipped cant get festivus sword in shop
  201. Pending guild requests not disappearing
  202. Favor points lost
  203. Stealing attack SPs!!
  204. Fenix not showing up.
  205. Guild battle bug allows used to steal abilities from others.
  206. Customer Support 👎
  207. Unable to equip gear
  208. Deleting Personal Chats
  209. Mobile guild and facebook kicking
  210. Current List of iOS Bugs
  211. Pvp revenge bug
  212. Out of Favor
  213. Missing Hero Images
  214. Short-changed on land earnings
  215. How do you obtain Darius on this version?
  216. Pick a class
  217. Dysfunctional battle log
  218. Can't log into iphone account from my iphone
  219. Bonus FP
  220. Here are some problems that need to be looked into
  221. Finally, I can purchase magic! - Can You?
  222. App on iPhone 3GS crashers alot
  223. Making Monsters Guild Only
  224. No way to back out of attack options
  225. New phone. Want old account.
  226. Facebook login with the iOS: Details on the situation-
  227. Missing money!
  228. Cannot fight multi-target monster on Iphone
  229. Castle Age app team player achievement
  230. Can't chat or select a specific person
  231. Demi Quests and Atlantis.........?
  232. IOS Siege weapon procedure?
  233. All my Monsters disappeared!
  234. Recent Update-What did it do?
  235. Server crash?
  236. General ability not working on iphone
  237. Can heroes get beyond level 4 in IOS?
  238. Chat button missing for all users.
  239. Alchemy advanced?
  240. Error on Login
  241. No Way Out Of Monster Attack
  242. Transfer iPod Castle Age HD player to facebook?
  243. Iphone updated problems!
  244. Monster Battle Energy Mistake?
  245. Stamina Wrong Symbol
  246. Streaming updates in Guild Battles not working
  247. Elite hero packs---start up only?
  248. bonus favor points(48 hours)
  249. Account recovery or at least a reset on new account
  250. Facebook login in locked