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  1. Revitalize mid-range content #1: Alchemy upgrades
  2. Adding Vargulis and Samael gears to IA
  3. excavation quests should drop meteorite
  4. Ability to change hero crystal color
  5. Colour change
  6. add meteorites to item archives
  7. This button needed ;)
  8. Most Pressing Suggested Content Changes
  9. Most Pressing Suggested Game Changes
  10. event use it as a check up on some accounts
  11. Equational oversight maybe? [Enhance hero gear]
  12. Alchemizing "Event's" Leftovers!
  13. Please lift the 40 energy potion limit
  14. Summoning Monsters with Energy
  15. Give VoV his Monkey King General
  16. blow up this forum
  17. This Would Be Extremely Helpful to All CA Players
  18. Meteorite like new 100 vs 100 season.
  19. Reducing peak load of 100v100 battle start
  20. Fixing the gear drops in oracle chests
  21. Allow certain gear to have a cummulative stat bonus on either itself or the player
  22. battle text
  23. New General Idea
  24. Guild coin multiplier suggestion.
  25. Mixed players in 10vs10
  26. Start New 100v100 and 10v10 Season
  27. Converter of Crystals
  28. New event to duel/invade your own army members - call it training
  29. Classic Battle Enter Button
  30. All-inclusive LINE chat
  31. Color Crystal Essence ideas
  32. Revenue Generation: Oracle Generals that don't scale past Level 4
  33. Revenue generation: Improving sales of Oracle equipment
  34. Please give us a better variety of monsters in Mist
  35. Please add leviathan loot to Item Archives
  36. New Season?
  37. Reduce daily clickings
  38. Suggestions for the devs team to fix the Treasure Island Event mishap:
  39. Trade Iron/Lumber Suggestion
  40. Always show general xp level progress bar for active general.
  41. Items to fix
  42. How I would have set Prizes in Treasure Island
  43. Display date/time as user local time for limited time events.
  44. Monster Code BS
  45. Crystals!!!!!
  46. Reset Chaos Campaign on Success
  47. Trade Chaos Gems
  48. Conquest Pathway Banners
  49. iOS World Chat fast add
  50. Buy a new server
  51. Remove defensive xp from Arena
  52. 10's squad of 1 player
  53. Forum Ignore List Change
  54. Hero equipment should stack
  55. Allow us to reallocate SP, with limitations
  56. Lack of Energy LSI Generals
  57. Legendary gems
  58. Oracle dmg bonus general?
  59. Forum rule change - Allow customer service tickets & responses to be posted
  60. A Change in Attitude Toward Chaining
  61. Shut down FB and Web3/4
  62. Unplug the Forum
  63. Suggestion on changing Prayer from 24h to Daily
  64. Give us a decent promo pack for treasure island event!!!
  65. being able to use accumulated gold to buy something.
  66. Bring back limited time monsters for achievements
  67. Renaming 'corrupt' Generals: AKI
  68. Players that are worthy of Generals or Monsters as tributes
  69. Something for the old/dedicated players
  70. Auto Collect after events eg, Treasure Island
  71. Can we have Monkey King event again plz?
  72. Coin Equality
  73. Monster event?
  74. CA Merchandise
  75. Castle Age Them Park like Square Enix!
  76. What about HWID ban to solve cheating?
  77. Suggestions, developers please read
  78. How the Meteorite Rewards Should Look
  79. Can we have Treasure Island Event Again Please?
  80. a log on who did the explore
  81. Battle Leaderboard like Monster Leaderboard is
  82. Vincent guild monster alchemy general
  83. Essence drop on healing/strenghtening/etc
  84. Having Problem with Chaos Campaign Credits
  85. general demotion/resource refund
  86. It Would Be Nice To Make A General Named Urashima Tarō
  87. Side Scroll Bar
  88. Why is there no attack general with an ability like azriel? - yes there is
  89. Campaign Reset: Anytime!
  90. Remove level requirements for alchemy
  91. Guild Chaos War
  92. Put us in Pools for Conquest Duel.
  93. bring back cronus and succubus monster hunting events
  94. Easy quality of life update
  95. next treasure island event: free general
  96. Energy and stam runes/archive
  97. War shop gears for classes
  98. Move the damn summon orb button
  99. Allow Campaign Tasks to recognize alternative methods of acquisition
  100. Expand General Alliance to FOUR
  101. Update Fast Equip Gear Set menu
  102. World Monster - ideas for improving rewards.
  103. Make a new Quest Land
  104. Monster Search Update would be Fine
  105. One Person Squads
  106. Yearly Stat Reallocation and General Purge.
  107. Create a Promo Pack!
  108. Potion of Heroism
  109. m a n i f e s t
  110. things we have asked for but keep getting ignored
  111. f u l l / r e f i l l / p o t i o n s
  112. good old days
  113. Add slot numbers to Mist land names on Facebook/web3 too please?
  114. Alchemy for Legendary Chaos Gems
  115. De clutter the left column of the web3/4 interface
  116. ultimate refill potions
  117. Ouroboros Item Archive
  118. You can only carry 40 Energy Potions at a time, so your extras were lost.
  119. Junior Arena
  120. Broccoli
  121. lets make a list of guilds using 2 or more accounts per player
  122. Reminder to raise same issue: Please make demi prayer daily instead of 24h.
  123. Petition for suggestion for more quest lands or increase quest lvl to 10!
  124. Castle Age Cash Shop: To sell ingredients for IA alchemy using fp.
  125. Arena suggestion
  126. Get rid of 1,000 token counter for LoM War
  127. Random participation drops for HvH
  128. World Monster Changes
  129. Create a new feature called "Recover" for Gems that were salvaged
  130. New demi quest - monsters
  131. This game would be a lot more fun if...
  132. "Somewhere in Valeria"
  133. Lose the Monster codes!
  134. Here is another great idea
  135. new monster/new monster event/new way off running WM
  136. Make gold meaningful in the game again.
  137. Phantom of water and wind.....
  138. give ess drops to monsters that dont have it
  139. GB improvement
  140. Allowing the transfer of stats - but only from atk/def/hp to en/stam
  141. put refine crystals in to daily spin
  142. New FB Page on Stobie the Wise's Castle Age Suggerstions
  143. LoM needs over haul!
  144. time for new legendary alchemy/set the worm free maybe?
  145. Adding Confirmation Button on Full Refil Requests
  146. ✨Add - ”IA Chest” ✨
  147. More Defensive Generals for Monster Hunting
  148. Unlock locked class fields plz
  149. Updating Goblin Emporium
  150. Give officers ability to remove monsters from the Guild Priority List
  151. Daily Bonuses
  152. More Team Monsters
  153. Should Meteorite events drop Epic Chests too?
  154. Allowing loadout to load/change general alliance
  155. Let's have a confuse resist general
  156. Using monster pictures already in game for new monsters
  157. Get rid of the confuse skill
  158. Take Stamina Mission out of Campaign Missions
  159. Should CA now start offering rewards for pitching affiliate links?
  160. New Quests
  161. Send a gift to guild members
  162. Fix Facebook Posts
  163. Crystals Trades or gifting
  164. tranning in guild
  165. Increase summoning slots
  166. For Better Guild Management
  167. Unlock the Top War Ranks
  168. New Oracle General that Boost Intimidate
  169. 7 stars pack for katherine and other 6 stars generals
  170. World Monster to Drop Double Dmg Essence
  171. and so the end begin
  172. remove dead players account
  173. Devs: Please Bring Back The Monsters So We Can Finish The Achievements!
  174. How can i kill orc hosts?
  175. World Monster Prize
  176. Expand the new Mystic Emporium
  177. 100vs100 Season 3
  178. Meteorites left over
  179. Combat the Ennui
  180. new monsters/new seasons in battle
  181. Can essence be added to mystic emporium loot?
  182. Increase rare, epic , and legendary drops?
  183. make a liga for those guild with multi accounts/pws/alts/minis
  184. Changes to rogue class?
  185. Use 6* Oracle General Concept on Mystic Emporium
  186. Legendary Chest access
  187. Weigh recent win/loss heavily in guild match ups
  188. Colosseum
  189. Times for Colloseum
  190. Colosseum Match Making
  191. Make the Colosseum Army List easier to use/.
  192. cold down timer
  193. How to fix Colosseum: No 2 Tokens Skills
  194. Ruyi Jingu Bang
  195. Wish List 2019
  196. Arena 2019
  197. Orient stat increase buttons horizontally? :)
  198. Customize generals & their gear
  199. 100 Stamina Potions
  200. LANDS! & territories....
  201. Buying hero crystals from Colosseum should count in Gem conquests
  202. Give us a message when Monkey King ability is triggered
  203. When it's time for server maintenace ....
  204. NEW 100vs100 season
  205. General who does extra dmg against Battlers with Guardian / Sentinel buff
  206. Update and extend Conquest Paths
  207. Server Wipe
  208. Rewards for a new 100vs100 season?
  209. Pierce & Resist Runes
  210. Make the Colosseum battle start pop up and overlay, not an object that shifts stuff
  211. No points if you don't fight.
  212. Jera needing boost due to trundle arrival
  213. chance at old/obsolete IA stuff
  214. Classic Battle
  215. Allow Stamina Multiplier Generals to Have Multiplier Effect Active in Alliances
  216. Wraith King needs a revamp and we want it now devs!