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  1. Can we hide away the stars?
  2. ATTN DEVS: How to revive Festival Duels in Two Easy Steps
  3. Who needs new content when we have plenty of good content that has been abandoned?
  4. Loadouts for General Alliances
  5. Trade Market Purge
  6. Find my FPs
  7. More uses for gold needed
  8. Healing battle points
  9. Triple Guild Coins Everday
  10. Mist Monsters
  11. Just incase you were thinking of a Cripple General.
  12. Double iron and wood with bonus collect in 100v100
  13. new mage power "transport"
  14. Battle collect
  15. Trade Crystals for other Crystals
  16. Change Castle Age Day Reset time to noon PST/PDT
  17. Important notices
  18. 10v10 Personal ranking
  19. Chest Generals
  20. 10v10 Suggestion: Change the Matching System
  21. Alchemy Removal
  22. Please replace Festival Battle with 100v100.
  23. We Need A New Guild Ranking Level System
  24. conquest
  25. Gold
  26. Change rune and IA into perceptage of base stat
  27. Why not have 6 classes for 100v, 10v & GB?
  28. Give us a choice so we can vote an ban players who are ruin this game !
  29. Custom swirlies instead of the classic blue ball
  30. Item Archive "Off Button" Request
  31. Dear CastleAge Team
  32. Favour Generals
  33. Engineer points via LoM monsters' energy usage
  34. give aurelius a scaling ability
  35. Fix defensive capabilities in LOM/LOE
  36. 100v100 scoring
  37. New Guild Battle Monster Please
  38. Slight curse change
  39. Equalize Clerics to Other Classes
  40. a few suggestions
  41. Tripping message and retry button
  42. Crystallized dragon soul
  43. Plateau reached
  44. Mystic Elder (a simple idea, but would be useful)
  45. Promote Generals
  46. 10v and 100v upgrades
  47. coloured gem exchange
  48. Guardian Points OUTSIDE LoE and LoM
  49. What can we do with 1 Trillion Gold? ...
  50. Put a confirmation button when you spend favor points
  51. Champions Arena
  52. CA restart
  53. Dropdown Menu For General Alliance Page
  54. Female PvP Titles
  55. Improve iOS private Chat
  56. Potions AGAIN in promos!
  58. New Weapons For Gold
  59. other improvements
  60. Newer Monsters do more than negligible damage?
  61. Add General Type to Favor Generals
  62. While you're about boosting old gear, really shake elements up.
  63. Please add Valhalla plus some other monsters to LoM monsters list
  64. while adding sps...
  65. Red crystals via Excavation
  66. What this game really needs
  67. Devs ????? Could we get Lumber and Iron as gifts ?
  68. "You tried to attack but tripped while running!"
  69. Inquiry on contest general
  70. Add Handicaps for 100vs100 Battles
  71. Make Rats easier to finish now?
  72. Old Story Quest Grinding
  73. neew lands + DP
  74. Now that we have Vargulis
  75. Guild Name Change
  76. Crystals Conversion in Kobo
  77. Promote General button on hero page
  78. Fix legendary gear
  79. Stop Discriminating Against New Players
  80. Let all Generals have +10% Bonus from 3-Equipment
  81. Increase cap refill
  82. Essence Storage Decay
  83. Land of Mist- Ability to Change Class when Defending
  84. 100v100 - Keep Gates and Smaller Guilds
  85. Active Demi prayer perks
  86. guild battles
  87. any plan to close spring 10v10 season?
  88. change guild battle summons dialog
  89. Guild & Conquest Achievements
  90. Stop Promoting Bullyism
  91. Guild level brackets
  92. New Confuse System
  93. Increase Guild Battles Collection Time
  94. First was General promotions; next is Gear promotions
  95. Remove Income Generals or Fix Them
  96. Do not overlap Bronze and Silver Ores as Epic Drops
  97. Rogue Intimidate need altering
  98. Since the Dev's are all on vacation and we need something to talk about.
  99. In-Game Infractions or Reporting Other Players
  100. new land
  101. Regular Guild Battle attack log
  102. Bring back the old promos
  103. If you were the new head dev ...
  104. Improving the game without spending Kabam's resources
  105. Make a monster with 10 Billion Health.
  106. Item archives
  107. Fix the chests - how would you...
  108. To the devs: How ridiculous is not being able to forge what you need?
  109. 10v10 Item Archive Awards
  110. What to Do With "Trash" Items..?
  111. Minimum squad size for 10vs10 squads
  112. 10vs10 Squad Battle Time Activity
  113. Add HoD heroes to Castle Age
  114. Kabam should include CA on it's iTunes Developer page
  115. Essence drop icon
  116. more generals to general aliances
  117. Wise Advice
  118. Arena IX gear in IA
  119. Please update Phoenix chest by removing it from the game!
  120. To fix this game you need to
  121. D.e.v.s. ! P.l.e.a.s.e u.p.d.a.t.e. I.t.e.m. A.r.c.h.i.v.e.s.
  122. New Equipment slot needed
  123. Vargulis and Samael item archives?
  124. New General Design Contest
  125. A Simply Way to fix the Keep Problem
  126. Free forge option
  127. 10v10 needs more information.
  128. Add: Industrial Revolution + Steampunk
  129. Simple Addition: 14 Defunct Generals
  130. Bring Back New Year Ale Gift and Dexter
  131. Section of the forums for non-English languages?
  132. Generals and Tweaks
  133. LESS clicks not MORE please
  134. Places to stick your banners
  135. CA needs more ways to keep and make friends
  136. Treasure Hunt
  137. Add Festival Monster and Conquest Monster to Monster dropdown list
  138. update mage generals
  139. Battle lust idea
  140. Add Search (by Name) to Battle List and Guild List Pages
  141. "+$100,000 Money"
  142. Allow us to purchase duplicates of chest generals we already own
  143. New Battle Formats...Plz!
  144. Boost dmg for rogues - critical hits
  145. Wood and Iron supplys
  146. Loyalty reward program?
  147. Add Token Count to Timer Displays
  148. Shichi-nin noh Samurai War Banner
  149. Spectate 100vs100 feature
  150. Remove Auto-Collect Permanently
  151. Can 10vs10 battles actually be just that? (Not 10vs1) !
  152. 10 vs 10 League - Guild Essences
  153. Land of Mist
  154. Make Fortitude and Wound/Lacerate include a percentage of target health.
  155. Guild Banners Should Stack and NOT Have to Be Rotated
  156. Daily Spin
  157. Go back to original Gift sending and Land
  158. Please bring Mist rage monsters in line with the normal summons versions.
  159. Monster Minions should drop FPs and Chest Rolls
  160. Game Cross over - Uunderworld
  161. Guild conquest monsters are too repetitive
  162. powder crystals and in between
  163. Please modify Mage's Mana Shield ability.
  164. Kobo legendary for legendary
  165. Cloudy and Shining Gems for Fire, Water, and Wind
  166. Gifting
  167. Intimidate results on loss
  168. Like button in forums
  169. Favor Points from battles
  170. Master List for all Monsters
  171. Guild/Squad Average Level Dsplayed
  172. Communication done right
  173. Suggestion: Turn in unused 100v/10v tokens for GC
  174. New (Or Continued) Quest Type: Hero Quests (Tavern)
  175. Upgrade Arena Hereos plz
  176. Autoprayer
  177. Option for auto-collect
  178. Gentle suggestion on new monster oXXXX and lom monsters
  179. Events Guild upgrades and Fun things to mix it up
  180. Achievements
  181. 2016 January promo
  182. **Battle Grounds Item Archive** (Idea)
  183. Paddy: Colored Crystal Alchemy?
  184. Hero we need to buy
  185. Poll: Should there be a separate thread for Gold Medal monsters?
  186. More Exclusive Content
  187. Suggestion for a new monster.
  188. Let's enjoy New iOS client our way
  189. Ingot Smelting: Please Add
  190. 10vs10 new IA items
  191. Unused Guild Essence - make it a spendable resource
  192. We Need a Test Platform
  193. Electrum Alchemy
  194. Make confuses only worth 50 points
  195. Monsters slayed....
  196. HP in 100vs100 and 10vs10 overview
  197. Web3/4 PMs suck
  198. Strider/Penelope/Dragan/Sophie UPDATE
  199. Set TIMER for LoM/LoE
  200. Kobo Update - New function & Stuff
  201. Revamp Monsters
  202. Battle atrocities
  203. re-balance 10v10 for next season
  204. Allow lom land defenders position adjusted by officers
  205. Solution to those that have premade silver ingots and to CA.
  206. IA for class powers
  207. Item Archives
  208. Improve TOWER SETTING
  209. Relegate One Trick Pony Guilds to lower 100v brackets
  210. Tag payer in 100vs100/10vs10
  211. Kraxus
  212. "New" Old Tower Upgrade Promo...
  213. changing equipment
  214. How do you like the idea of a Rune pouch as a new item type?
  215. Retire unavailable alchemy
  216. Don't let Moderators act where they have conflicts of interest
  217. Reward for every X dollars spent in game
  218. Open up more skill slots
  219. Feats
  220. why berserk power works like this?
  221. We need what has been missing all along:
  222. Suggestions for New Battle Classes: Plz add yours
  223. Bring Back Kill Shots
  224. Rewards from Guld Banners Should Stack!
  225. FP Reward for Bugs
  226. New original Hero!
  227. Display conqueror points on conquest duel pages?
  228. Ingots/gems for purposes other than pierce/resist
  229. Please update the Item Archives...
  230. Quest 10x Button
  231. Time for a new limited monster event, now that Arenas won't be happening anytime soon
  232. New Platform
  233. Ouroboros spawn rate % must be revealed!
  234. upgrade for shahalazars mantle?
  235. Suggested Upgrade for Generals purchased with Guild Coins
  236. i suggest you release Elvis from bondage
  237. 4 100vs100/10vs10 seasons per year
  238. Enrage General!
  239. Crystal Conversion :)
  240. Enchanting/bundling equipment to +1 and more
  241. Unique equipment quests
  242. An upgrade to 10v10 rewards plz
  243. "duel" button and "bonus collect" button
  244. is not about time to do something about all that account sharing and multi accounts?
  245. When will skills ever get fix up?
  246. Mist lands
  247. Castle Age Test Environment Kickstarter!
  248. Fix Autocollect
  249. Post all monsters on the same page.
  250. 17-Digit CA User IDs Prevent Use of 2 Token Abilities Such As Intimidate