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  1. Item Bonuses for Banthus Archfiend
  2. Please limit the amount of battle per day in Arena 3
  3. Guild Monsters and Special Abilities
  4. Control over summoning guild monsters
  5. Guild Battle and Arena 3 reward collection timer
  6. Do something with the Arcanist
  7. Arena-Style Ranking for Guild Battle Ranks
  8. Swiped's Suggestions.
  9. Deity Blessing time
  10. Cleric Heal Skill needs to be re-tooled?
  11. guild battle
  12. how about a multiple click to RTF
  13. Guild battles
  14. Arena Rewards - Buff for Battlegear!
  15. Pets - Mini Collectable Generals
  16. Cleaning Out the Alchemy Page
  17. Auto battles no match!!!
  18. Guild Battles-DEV's Please Read
  19. War Rank Prize is obselete........
  20. Leave Arena button
  21. Nerfing ALL Multiple Collects
  22. Keep Area refill but limit refill times per day
  23. Take Earth Orbs out of the Goblin Emporium
  24. Arena Attack Log
  25. Get rid of or reduce the 20 stamina cost
  26. Arena Character Class Page Needed
  27. CAP Arena refills...
  28. No more arena refills
  29. Arena reinforcements makes no sense...
  30. IDEA for a REAL Arena using Guild Format
  31. Petition for offensive battles
  32. Warrior's Whirlwind
  33. FORUM: Increase inactivity log-out timer?
  34. Warrior's Whirlwind
  35. Please AUTO COLLECT the arena awards
  36. Castle Age for Android...
  37. Castle Age app for Windows Phone 7
  38. Possible solution to this arena
  39. guild abilities idea!
  40. Guild Battle Chat: Allies only option.
  41. Guild Member REMOVAL
  42. Suggested Fix for Arena
  43. Cannibal arena
  44. New General Idea
  45. Guild Logo's
  46. Beta-test next Arena before launch
  47. Petition to limit favor point refills or remove completely
  48. Expand the Game for High-level Players
  49. War duel lost = no exp
  50. Live Arena Queue
  51. Displaying our Arena Ranks
  52. Combination Super-units
  53. End Arena III Earlier than scheduled
  54. Arena - Split us up
  55. Guild Suggestions
  56. Defeat Penalty in arena
  57. Vincent ability... no purpose!?
  58. guild battles
  59. Spam bot filter
  60. Arena III: Change Rank Percents
  61. Remove the keep links from Arena feed
  62. Confirmation Window
  63. Polymorph
  64. 1 time free stats reset
  65. Request to Devs (Tech Support/Enhancement request crossover)
  66. Facebook Friends Listing for Gifting
  67. Suggestion - Cap Arena Points Earned per Match
  68. Rebalance Experience
  69. Arena III huge problem...
  70. Please hire a Psychological Consultant. Seriously
  71. arena III coins
  72. It's so simple. Really
  73. This will make 4 automatch per day possible
  74. add new battle achievement rewards for PvP players
  75. Remove captha when replying in forum
  76. Arena play on mobile devices
  77. Arena play on mobile devices
  78. Arena refill suggestion
  79. A solution to Arena III mess
  80. Dear CA Devs,
  81. DEVS: How to make Arena III fair and still make money
  82. Recommendation: Post Outages with ETAs.
  83. Army Maintenance
  84. i suggest we Boycott the arena
  85. Suggestion for Next Arena
  86. castle age android app
  87. Auto award collection in Arena and Guild Battles!
  88. Warrior General Suggestion
  89. Arena Point Re-Buy
  90. Guild Search Bar
  91. REMOVE ABILITES from the CHESTS, PLEASE! (hear meh', lah)
  92. Reduce previous chest cost wih each new Chest
  93. Guild Battle Revamp
  94. Uping XP for healing
  95. Lay Out Options
  96. dear devs please fix ALL bugs before releasing any new content
  97. I would like Generals in guild
  98. For the Mods - add a new sticky in "general discussion"
  99. Purchase price in CA - cut out some zero's or introduce punctuation PLEASE
  100. Time to claim rewards
  101. From alchemy to goblin
  102. from gold stamina or energy
  103. dear devs please change serenes arrow
  104. Method of determining guild battle winners unfair - please fix!
  105. Guild Monster Idea
  106. give pvp players a battle/warlist with people from their lvl
  107. Officer Tab
  108. Arena 4 ideas
  109. Guild Battles - Give more time to collect reward
  110. We Want More Guild Symbols!
  111. PvP needs Better rewards.
  112. Reconsider your business model
  113. undue the bug that was fixed
  114. Guild Battle Positioning
  115. Proposed change to the "Heal" ability for cleric and a few other things on the side.
  116. Suggestion to help eliminate some of the arena scripter
  117. For CA Dev Team: At least a week or two weeks notice, before implementing something
  118. Guild Monster summoner in the attack log
  119. common sense changes for new system
  120. next general specialty
  121. Accept Gift- send same Gift back
  122. Need Chat Box
  123. Remove Recoil Damage on Successful Attacks in Guild Battles.
  124. Alchemy recipe quanties
  125. refill for gift sending limit
  126. How to improve Guild Battles
  127. Automatic guild point collection
  128. Easy way to resolving class balancing and "stun" issues
  129. Get rid of Arena Token Refil on Battle Screen.
  130. (Re) Enable FP purchase in EUR / GBP
  131. Annihilator Chest - Please make for all levels
  132. The Cleric issue
  133. Guild Suggestions
  134. Skill Point Reassignment from Oracle
  135. Tips to Reduce Spam Bots
  136. Warrior special suggestions
  137. How to make CA better
  138. Shop?
  139. Idea for Alchemy Items
  140. ideas for gear upgrade
  141. Problems with suiciders
  142. show character class in monster battles
  143. Can we help to developers?
  144. Change the display name in Guild Battles back
  145. A win loss counter for guild battles
  146. Suggestion for the arena end
  147. Att/Def Counter?
  148. Attacking army members
  149. Guild Battle Section
  150. dear devs, put a bloody timer in for the arena end
  151. button to return gifts received
  152. Server is slow
  153. Shut down CA when there is a problem
  154. They should run Arenas 3 times
  155. more guild battles
  156. Warriors need alternate strenthen
  157. Give people a reason to participate in guild battles.
  158. Azriel and Alpha Meph need to be nurfed
  159. Allow me to spend my gold
  160. Guild List
  161. Guild Members List upgrade please
  162. Must me a limit to attack one persone !
  163. Yet Another Arena 4 Concept Thread
  164. Request to Increase to Three Autobattles Simultaneously
  165. Old Generals ..
  166. Fix the title of your latest news post?
  167. Guild battle time - too long, why wait for token regeneration?
  168. some ideas to talk about.
  169. Another Favor Point Gift!
  170. No Collect button next time or CAPTCHA coded.
  171. Scrolling makes my fingers sore...
  172. The War of the Demis
  173. One percent
  174. Let us relocate stat points for FP, lets say only 50 stat points
  175. Next arena
  176. Next time, report information that is actually accurate
  177. Crusaders of CA Privacy Policy?!?
  178. Earning Money During Events/Arenas
  179. Reduce FP cost for earlier chests
  180. Nerf the awarded points and penalized points for Polymorph
  181. Adopt A3 Point system in normal Guild Battles
  182. Guild Functions on iOS
  183. Attention Devs
  184. Avoid trouble with arachnophobia or the like
  185. Improving guild battle and castle system
  186. Energy & Stamina Timers Reduced
  187. Time to make CA more interactive!
  188. Make bet items in battles
  189. General....
  190. Guild battle cool down time needs to be adjusted
  191. The next guild monster
  192. Super awesome thought of awesomeness.. That might be cheating?
  193. Suggestion for Devs.
  194. CA, why are you so messed up
  195. Please prolong the timer on monster 24 more hrs!
  196. Gifting improvements
  197. Window for collecting Guild coins needs to be longer
  198. Guild Arena Battles
  199. Make setting guild gates easier please
  200. Introduce Elemental Damage
  201. make this a sticky plz
  202. Guild Officers
  203. Kull general upgrade !
  204. Make half refills
  205. How about a new AChievement for Siege Weapons?
  206. A fair and fun arena set up idea
  207. Additional Auto Slots soon / Weekly Guild Matchup?
  208. Clean up the alchemy pages
  209. Guild suggestion
  210. Sword clashing and other animated sounds
  211. more challenging Battle War list
  212. Kobo's Buy Back Special
  213. Suggestions for Guild Battles
  214. Gifting Suggestion
  215. overall suggestions
  216. Battle Control
  217. guild points for guild monsters
  218. Recommendation: Previous Month Ranking in Autobattles
  219. New Demi Power
  220. I'm Tagged
  221. Cash out from Guild Battles early option
  222. War payback!
  223. give us new prize for raid or give us a new type of raid for high level
  224. how about a new alchemy general, that need to be collected from every aspect of ca
  225. Where are the dwarven miners digging!?!?!?!
  226. Guild battle length to long
  227. more battle ranks
  228. Auction House / Crafting
  229. Battle for keeps
  230. ambush
  231. Can we get a new name for
  232. New Generals Abilities - Enrage
  233. Poly Points
  234. New Demi God Rewards
  235. Add Crusaders of Castle Age subforum
  236. Elite Gaurd for a week
  237. Guild Search feature
  238. Suggestion for Warrior class in Guild Battles
  239. Guild Ability Costs
  240. New Land
  241. Guild Monster Summoning
  242. Suggestion for New monsters.
  243. Limit on Character class in GB
  244. Thinking out loud
  245. Stop annoying new players!
  246. Suggesion: bonus for fast finishing battles?
  247. Bonus for fast finishing battles?
  248. Auto hyperlink links in log and removal of inactive player in monster battle
  249. the bigger monster - the higher achievement damage
  250. I feel the ground, itīs cool